As some of you may have known, I was the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II and have now swapped to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In that transition I left behind a few accessories that I feel I should give away to you, the greatest readers in the world. The first of these giveaways are these two Samsung Galaxy S II cases from Aranez (RRP $45.95).

If you’d like to win one of the two, let me know in the comments a time when you dropped your Samsung Galaxy S II and thought it was surely going to be broken, or just why you want to be classy as hell. Oh, and let me know which colour your entering to win. I’ll choose the two winners somewhat randomly next Monday (the 9th), so entries close Sunday at midnight. I’ll only be shipping these within Australia.

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For the first time yesterday, my S2 faced near death.  I decided to target the sweet-spot of an iOS hipster acquaintance: his so called “individuality” and “creativity”. My method? 1) Snap some horrendous pictures and add the most ill-fitting hipster filters available. 2) Ask the acquaintance if he’s ever heard of Instagram (wait for aggressive reply) 3) Brag about the pictures I took, handing him the phone to flick through them all. For what was planned to be a simple troll (that is, him detecting the act half-way through) it turned out to be a outburst of emotions on his… Read more »

Adam Knight

I will paint the scene for you: I was fiddling with with the volume on my phone as I walked towards the bus top, seeing the bus hurtling towards the stop, I try to hail it… phone goes flying tugs on my headphones and hurts like hell. Flash to a slow-mo scene of all the time my phone and I have spent together (running through a field, pushing one another on swings…the usual). Anyway back to reality, I manage to get my foot under it just as it is about to land corner first, my intercepting foot causes the phone… Read more »


I have never, ever dropped it. It is permanently stitched to my hand. I eat with it, sleep with it, bathe with it and sunbake with it.


i was having a bbq party for close friends and family and had just purchased the s2 for days prior.. i use to havean iphone 4 (CRAP) and all my peers were bragging to me how good an iphone is and i went to pull my phone out of my pocket to say ” BAM. this is the best phone to date” and my hands were a bit oily from the bbq which made my phone slip out of my hand onto the concrete.. it just have a few little scratches but im pretty anal when it comes to my… Read more »


It fell out of my pocket onto the concrete floor then I ran it over with a wheelie tool box. I was panicking that I cracked the screen. Picked it up and no damage on the phone what so ever. Durable phone haha

If i win any colour will be great.


Dropped it on a tile floor 2 meters from the ground, thought I broke the screen or chipped the case but it was perfectly fine. The green pixel didn’t disappear thou.


Reed Li

I just want to be able to pull out my phone amongst my friends and watch their faces in amazement at my schlick case.  I’m quite sure my expression will be similar to this guy –>

Brad Hook

Dropped it out the car and reversed over it. Only just cracked it. Have since replaced the screen.



Would never drop my phone because I love it too much, Although it would look pretty nice in your black leather case 🙂


I’ve a couple, though no longer have my S2 so I’ll share for sharing sake; The first major drop was on a tram – I had my phone out, texting and browsing the net as the tram came to the end of the line. The sharp sideways motion sent my phone flying from my hands to bounce off the central metal platform that connects the two halves of Melbourne’s B1/2 class trams. It continued bouncing. Though it’s life flashed past my eyes as it bounced over and over, it survived with only a small scratch. Unfortunately it met it’s end… Read more »


I hqve dropped my galaxy s ii a couple of times. The last time it feel on to a concert floor after being knocked of the table.


Was in America visiting relatives, playing basketball on laguna beach, went up for a dunk, threw it down on some local guy, he got mad and chased me down, I grabbed my stuff as I was running off, my phone dropped out of my pile of stuff as i was going it landed on the concrete and I thought it was dead… Somehow it survived as I bent down to grab it I scraped it against the asphalt, but it didn’t scratch either, phone still working like a charm 🙂

Black please 😛

Mike Tran

Having a loud night out at the pub where a friend and I was swapping some memes/pics via BT and Wifi direct when the another friend who was watching the footy jumped up as his team scored a try and knocked my phone out of my hand and go flying across the room hitting the big lcd screen the extra power came from the fact my mate scared the hell out of me with the fast jump up, what this did was rip off the back cover and battery in every other direction. This actually saved it because the phone… Read more »


In Sydney. On way to Opera House. Wanted a picture of woman sleeping upright with drool-face on bench seat. Case caught on pants pocket, then slipped, flung upward out of hand, flip cover opened up, and landed in just the right spot to pop the case off. Initial impact on corner of screen then bounced, flipped, landed face down on concrete. Battery fell out.
Damage = tiny scatch where phone initially impacted + 2 holes in the screen protector due to sharp, uneven surface of concrete. Nothing else.
Don’t want a non-flip case. Just sharing.


Forgot about the color: it’s black for me, please.


Temporary put my GS II onto driver seat before putting my bag into car boot. Picked up the phone from seat, held carefully by hand while sliding into car, and phone flew off my hand, hit the garage brick wall before landed on the concrete floor, face down.
My heart’s broken when I picked it up. Screen was OK but scratches all over the metal ring and back. And I knew I was wrong about not having protection for my beloved phone, no matter how careful I treated her 🙁

Thomas Shannon Gore

Love my S II BTW the best phone I have ever owned. just the other day I was quickly pacing down my hallway with hard wood floorboards and my SII dropped straight out of my hand and flat on on the screen on the floor with a massive thud that was heard throughout the whole house. the phone was untouched not a scratch because of the gorilla glass. 

Not really fussed witch colour I get

Doug Wardell-Johnson

was sitting at my desk at work with it charging from my desktop (mostly because i didn’t charge it night before), boss slides over on his computer chair pulls it clean off the desk straight onto the hard floor, thought it was finished for sure, not a problem though!  


dropped it once when i was pushing my grandpa in wheelchair and the earphone was stuck on the chair arm and dragged the fone out of my pocket half way through a call.

black to match my black.

Thanh Ha

Walking in the rain, umbrella in one hand, SGSII in the other with earphones connected. The umbrella trip over the earphone cable and rush out of my hand. Unconciously my brain decided to catch the umbreall instead (#fail) and the phone fell right next to a massive puddle. Phew.


Well the moment I totally felt it was going to broke was when I walking at uni then my headphone wire got stuck to a tree branch it totally tugged the phone out of my jacket and while my SII was falling scumbag brain totally activated and tried to save it with my foot (Read: Actually Kick it further) and it went crashing away at UQ’s sandstone walls >_< Luckily already had a case and all I got was some of the paint on the case scratched of and I think there's a small scratch on the screen though not… Read more »


walking up to mum and dads house half pissed knocking on the door, phone falls down the steps leading up to their joint! Dad answers the door to find me bending over picking up the phone ” hello son, nice crack”! I replied no it didn’t! Its a Samsung Galaxy S II Dad! Would love the white case mate!cheers ,Paddy

Paddy Mckay

walking up to mum and dads house have pissed knocking on the door, fall falls down the steps leading up to the joint! Dad answers the door to find me bending over picking up the phone ” hello son, nice but crack”! I replied no it didn’t! Its a Samsung Galaxy S II Dad! 

Would love the white case mate!

cheers ,


 Broken? The Galaxy SII can never break, let alone get scratched (at least in my experience of multiple falls on pavement).


 ^ Also, black preferred, white is also fine though.


I already dropped my S2 and it has some scratch-marks, clearly my soft-case with the Android logo on it does not suffice and I need a nice leather one.. prefer the black one, but the white one would be sweet to!

Adrian Mace

I’ve love to try the black one! 

A few weeks back I was standing on a crowded train leaving Melbourne’s CBD.. phone started to ring and I was so cramped that I dropped my phone while pulling it out of my pocket only to have it explode in 4 directions.. was a team effort to get the battery, SD card, phone and back case all back in my hands but put it back together and it booted as quickly as always 😀


I had managed to lock myself out of my room on the second story of our share accommodation. Whilst climbing up the balcony to try and get in through the window my sg2 fell out of my pocket and landed about 3m below in the garden. With no case I thought it was certainly doomed but thankfully, just a small dent in the corner. I’d be thrilled with a black one, cheers


class it up white style…

while on holiday in Paris in Oct last year with my brand new gs 2… finally made it up to the top of the effile tower…. only to drop it… my God I thought it had fallen thorough a crack and gone the quick way down…. but nope lucky for me it didn’t 🙂

Sam Turner

I’ve always looked after my SGSII, and i’ve had it sporting a cheap but effective black flexible plastic case for quite some time. I’d like to reward such a dependable device by storing it in one of these cases.

And i’ll get to show my Aussie spirit by having a case made out of Kangaroo leather 😀
I’d be thrilled with either colour.

Hany Khoury

My SGS II is in need of some class 🙁  You see I spent my hard earned dollars on a sleek SGP Neo Hybrid case and on day one it fit tight like Emma Stone in a pair of skinny jeans. Skip a month or two later and the silicone casing has gone all loose and the silicone back now swells up like the Pacific Ocean during a storm. A new Aranez leather pouch will certainly do wonders to add class to my SII which has treated me so great for so long. Black or white, I would be happy… Read more »

Satwik kamath

i went to las vegas few months ago and on my trip over there i took a bus ride over to the grand canyon.. so im taking a photo ontop of a big rock and i get bumped i slip and fall down my phone drops a good 2m onto this red desert rock on the tourist path a metre from the canyon gorge.. which is the limit (obv) for tourists.. i sigh a relief and then an overweight african american woman steps on my phone.. at this point, im 20000% sure my phone screen is destroyed- but when i picked… Read more »

on Christmas day i drop my sg2 out of a window it was a 2 meter drop on to concrete and nothing happened to it  my phone is a little trooper and white 😛

Buzz Moody

You win the white case for being clever enough to manage throwing your phone out a window. Chuck us your email address here and I’ll be in touch.


I have dropped my Galaxy S2 twice in the toilet now, after i’ve done a number 2. both times i thought it would be dead but i just soaked in a box of dry rice for 2 days and now it’s working stronger than ever 🙂

I want to be classy so I don’t do crude things like dropping my phone in the toilet again. Thanks. I would like the black one please. 

Mike Tran

 Every time I’m in the toilet I get really paranoid about droping my SGSII in. I did once drop a Compaq iPaq in but after a quick go with the hair dryer it worked just fine.

Michael Rasmussen

I used to have a HTC HD2 (running a custom Android ROM) with a HTC
leather slip case which my shiny new SGS2 now has the tragic tale of calling
home. Now since the case is getting quite loose also because the SGS2 is not as
fat as the HD2 it has fallen out of the case on to concrete and various other
objects with some irreparable scars. The HTC case has seen better
days and I have been unable to find a suitable replacement case that oozes class
and sophistication like this Aranez case (in black). 

Frank Benign

IOW, you would have been better off without a case.

Michael Rasmussen

Frank I used the theory that some case was better than none at all. IOW the Aranez case would be the perfect replacement to this old HTC one.


I stupidly put mine on top of the staircase railing and my drunken mother knocked it down two flights of stairs to the tiles below. I buy my phones outright and only had it a month. $190 for genuine screen replacement. Gutted. Black or white?

Frank Benign

SGSII is the Chuck Norris of mobile phones.

David T

I was in a lecture, and had my phone on my desk. I was trying to secretly draw on my friend’s notebook while she wasn’t looking. When I was turned away, she tried to write on my notebook and made my desk swing back down (we use those terrible desks that can easily swing up and down, and therefore have a high chance of falling and making everything on your desk come tumbling down). Anyway, my phone bounced onto the ground, and fell down the steps. Luckily, there weren’t any scratches on my phone!

David T

Oh, and I’m going for the white case 🙂

Kevin Sharpe

i always keep my galaxy in my shirt pocket – for some reason i spent several days last year missing the pocket entirely when i went to drop the phone into it.  Seniors moments – by end of second day i was getting ready to hide my own easter eggs fml bounced it off carpet several times and once off tarmac – but not a single scratch despite having only a cheap plastic case for it gotta love the galaxy phones :- ) a PS not interested in a case, thanks anyways – high class is be wasted on me,… Read more »


I was walking down a neighbourhood my girlfriend and I used to live, when I noticed what had been a big empty pit a couple of years earlier, had now been replaced by a gorgeous office building. Quickly whipped out my SII to take a picture to send to my girlfriend, when I basically threw it on the pavement. Construction workers laughed at me as I picked up the SII, as well as it’s backplate and battery. Tiny little scratch near the rear speaker grill, that’s it though!

I’d love a white case.

Frank Benign

SGSII is not made of glass.  No need for a case.


Did the old “hey mate how you going!!” while swinging the arms wildly into the air. Galaxy S2 launches 3 meters and lands on its head. Lucky for ebay tho – new screen and still going strong. The shell is a bit scratched up but what can you do 🙂 Entry for black pls.


I was sitting on a platform at Charlotte’s pass and then my phone fell out of my hands as I was using it when my friend knocked it over. I ended up having to crawl under the platform and the phone was crammed between 2 rocks and some shrubs. The teachers didn’t find it as funny as I did

Adam Sacco

I was walking up the steps at Parliament Station in Melbourne, fiddling with my headphones and dropped my unprotected pride and joy on the concrete steps. Didn’t end up with shattered screen like I thought I would but with the fine scratches on the screen and around the edges a part of me died that day.

Black would be my choice of colour.


Texting while lying down on a bench at uni. First the phone falls out of my hands and hits me in the forehead. It then slid off and drops onto the concrete. So I’m now there with a bruise on my forehead freaking out about breaking this brand new phone.Thankfully when I pick it up it was undamaged. Black would be great.

Buzz Moody

You win the black one because I can relate. Nothing worse than being hit in the face. Chuck us your email address here and I’ll be in touch.


When I was in holidays and my phone flew out the car window and landed in the gutter. I thought it was gone !


When I left my phone in my pants pocket going into the shower. When I draped my pants over the shower door, the phone fell out and smashed onto the floor. Not a scratch!

BTW, black is my prefeence. 

Nigel P

One morning got out of the shower and checked the phone, as went to put out down it slipped and fired across the table and of the edge, dived but alas I missed it, and it bounced on the floor and was fine. Of course later that day it was in my pocket, and I accidentally hooked my headphones out, and guess what, I got a small annoying scratch on my screen.

BTW, black would be my preference

Boss Scags

I want to be as classy as hell so that I win best dressed at Derpton Esq.’s party.