The Samsung Galaxy S III rumour train is still steaming along. This time the rumour relates to the device’s display, it’s said to be 4.65-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED Plus. That would be an improvement over the Galaxy Nexus (pictured above) but not that massive 1920×1080 Super AMOLED Plus display that had been rumoured in the past. From the sounds of things, that makes this rumour seem 100% possible, but not as cool as the 1080p one.

As you can see in the image below, Super AMOLED Plus contains 50% more subpixels which is meant to make the image appear crisper and just generally more appealing on the eyes. Super AMOLED Plus has been used in other devices such as the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

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Update: Latest rumour is it’s back to 4.8″ screen… which is what I’m hoping for too!


50% more sub-pixels? Really? Looks a lot more like 33.3% more sub-pixels to me…. ­čśŤ


What 50% more than 8, lol you egg head. Fail.


ahhh I should have coffee before I’m allowed Interwebs┬áprivileges.

Buzz Moody

It’s fine, you made me quadruple check. ­čśŤ


((12 – 8) / 8) x 100. Was it really that hard my friend?


This is more likely, 1080p on a phone would be great, but hey extremely unlikely and if it’s gonna use more power to push the higher resolution without a comparable battery, I’d take the 720p.


I’m not an iSheep but Steve Jobs was right when he said that the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels above 300ppi at normal smartphone usage distances. What’s the point of a 1080p screen if your eyes can’t distinguish any differences from a 720p screen (at screen sizes below 5″)? Do you want your phone to be slower and still look the same to you?


The 1080p rumour was always BS,  This is the best we could have hoped for.  Smartphones are all about drip feeding us the new technology.  If you make a phone with 1080p, 16 gb RAM, 128 GB sdcard, 2.0 GHz 8-core 28Nm chip, graphene/nanotube batteries, etc etc then there is no reason for the consumer to upgrade in 2 years.  These companies want us upgrading to the latest and greatest in 2 years so they have to hold back on what is truly possible or they risk being their own competitor.


Couldn’t have said it any better.


I agree

Tazeem Naqvi

Spot on!

Buzz Moody

Where do we send the Vodka?


Agree totally

Mick Lang

It’s more the immense cost of the fantasy phone you mention would be so high right now, no one would buy it and only few could buy it. ┬áIt takes time for hardware costs to come down enough for phone companies to profit from selling a high end mobile for $850 or so.