Want to grab yourself a cheap Android tablet? Well today’s your luck day. Kogan are taking 50% off the original price of their range of Android tablets that go from 7-inch to 10-inch. The sale runs until midnight tonight, so you’ve got a few hours to make up your mind.

The 7-inch Agora tablet starts at $99. You really get what you pay for though, it’s running Android 2.3 powered by a 1GHz CPU, and has 3 hours of general use battery life. Then again, it’s certainly not aimed at the power users, so it should be enough to play a few games on and check out your social networks.

The 8-inch Agora tablet starts at $129 and has very similar specs to the 7-inch model, except it has a better front-facing camera, a larger battery and better screen resolution (800×600 up from 800×480).

The 10-inch Agora tablet starts at $169 and also has similar overall specs to the other two models, except it once again has a larger battery and a better screen resolution of 1024×768.

Source: Kogan.
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    Greg Eden

    Clearing stock before a new range of Chinese build ICS tablets? Ebay is already full of what will be the next Agora tablets.


    Shame it wasn’t 50% off galaxy tab 7.7.


    Still overpriced.

    Your titles is misleading as well. I was thinking it was their range of android tablets, not their range of Agora android tablets.


    50% of a crap product, still makes it 100% crap product!


    50% off the original price of their range of Android tablets”

    should be

    “50% off the original price of their range of agora tablets”

    that are shit.

    i got excited i was going to buy a samsung tab at 50% off.. …. they are not :'(

    Geoff Daly

    I bought a 7″ version a while ago specifically to use as a media player for my littl’uns (both under 3).  It’s pretty sturdy and does that job reasonably well.  At $99 the memory card you insert will probably be the most expensive part.