Week 2 of our giveaways and we’ve got an extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s from Mugen Power, and at the time I received it, it was worth $100. Now you can get it yourself for the low, low price of $0.00 including postage. It’s a 3200mAh battery, so it will turn your device into somewhat of a brick, but there is a back cover included to make it seem a little less (or more) bulky.

To win this battery leave a comment below telling my why I should choose you to win said battery. The winner will receive a reply next week — you’ll then leave me your email (comment then deleted). The competition ends Sunday evening at 5PM and you must live in Aus, so you best get in quick. Have at it!

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James Bernard

It would be for my wifes phone – and the reason, so we can talk for hours rather than minuites while away from each other. I like to think romance is not yet dead!

Thomas Skelly

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy SII 3G to replace my previous HTC HD2 and have been ecstatic with my decision ever since! I work long hours, keep my phone on from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night. Until today I have only had to charge it once per day however today it was about to run out so I had to purchase an extra charger at work as it would not have lasted the day. I stumbled across this website while searching for answers to my battery draining problem and since you seem to… Read more »

Jonathan Silva

I was wondering if this battery will go for the i5500 model of thegalaxy? reply to this email .. @ hotmail.com jonathan1.9_top

Jonathan Silva

I was wondering if this battery will go for the i5500 model of the galaxy? reply to this email .. @ hotmail.com jonathan1.9_top 


I have a 1 year old that’s constantly using my phone scolling throughout the phone apps by the time I get to use it the battery needs to charge and takes for ever .. Please help a man out ..


just as   JEAN    explaind I can t believe that people can easily spy on anyone’s cell phone(spouse,children,employees) simply using  this website.have you seen this website before .For More Info => SPY4YOU  

John Chung Min Tat

I should win the battery because , my galaxy SII has being draining battery ever since i got the phone and is a head spin for it .. so dissapointed in samsung poor battery life. 


Seems no one won it.


I should win the battery so i can send it through the Stargate to the Azguard homeworld. It will be like a late Christmas present.

Open-Dev Project Grp

 I just went from a 24mth contract on a HTC Desire HD (and HTC’s before that) to the Samsung Galaxy 2 and was the best choice on the current phone market in my opinion. Also after purchasing the Toshiba Thrive 7″ Tablet (wi-fi only) I find my battery just not cutting it to deal with the constant 3G Hotspot use for the Tablet, though the battery life goes and goes for my uses I’m finding myself needing just more good ole’ DROID POWER!


Because I’m the only one on here that can spell!!!


 But can’t read as this closed on Sunday


I guess simplest is easiest. May i please have this wonderful creation? 😀

Jens Garcia

This is one of my item in my wishlist but can’t afford it. It would be great if I win, I always join in competition like this but never won anything.


Please (magic word) sir, may I have this wonderful battery you are giving away.

I will provide it with a loving home, where it will be fully charged before first use, exercised regularly, kept out of the sun and high temperatures as well as being fed with only the highest quality electricity.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂

Clyde Jones

i’m broke and cant afford one


Given that my SGS2 sometimes does crazy stuff like randomly reboot and lose almost 50% of its battery charge in the process (see attached screencap), I need all the extra juice I can squeeze to keep the phone alive.


i think i need because i have to use extended battery case which makes my phone pretty thick.. so it should be better if i ll get this battery and i dont need to thats shit case..


i shoould win this battery because i play alot of games and send alot of msg and use the phone tons and tons and current battery just doesnt cut it to win this would be awsome the phone would never go flat with this beefed up battery  


The stool at the pub last night was quite unstable, this would have been just the right size to even up the legs.


Because I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G and am finding out rather quickly how fast 4G is chewing up the battery!


because this will make life so much easier on the road!! Please…let me have it! and i promise to be a good boy for Santa =)

Daniel Garlick

i need a long life battery for when I’m at work as i am on workers comp and have barely nothing to do there as I’m not aloud drive the forklift or do delivery’s in our truck and the Internet there is worse then 28k dial-up and we are bared from most sites anyway so i need my phone to keep me sane during the day

Richard Mason

I want this battery for one of my staff who loves his Galaxy S II but seems fixated on seeing how much life he can get from his battery. He’d love this battery and I’m sure he’d provide all sorts of info on how long it lasts.

Jason Zhou

i need the battery or i can only use the phone for half day

Carsten Bauer

If I don’t win, a poor little kitten shall lose its live. Please, think of the kitten!
*Disclaimer, no animals will actually be hurt, unless I lose… kidding*


Because I just got ripped off ordering one from overseas. I think it was a Galaxy Note Battery that arrived and it won’t fit in my SGS2 🙁 Took ages in the post too, so disappointing.


Whether I win the Giveaway or not, I see this as a good opportunity to thank you guys for the high quality work you do.  I have used your reviews as guidance to purchase 4 devices in the last 12 months.  1x Motorola Atrix, 2 x Galaxy SII’s and 1 x Galaxy Tab 10.1

Please keep it up and I hope your site is profitable for you.



I must
admit, there’s no rhyme or reason

But if I
don’t win this, it’s just pure treason

Gimmie the
battery, before I cry

This damn
phone, does nothing but die

If I have
power, I can give you a call

I’ll buy
you dinner, we’ll have a ball

Y Islam

My S2 with an appetite to indulge
This mugen will give it some bulge
Power to perform
Giving me time to inform
Saves my leaving the office in a storm
Staying above 50% needs to be the norm……


My beautiful Galaxy S2
I need something to give it some extra tow
A mobile not just for show,
But a pocket office on the go.

At times after midday
The low battery warning comes into play,
Wish I had that Mugen in my pocket,
To make my pocket office into a rocket!


Because I want to surprise my SGSII-owning friend, because it’s his birthday next week, and we’re both poor uni students. Compared to this amazing battery, my original idea of Mi-goreng and goon is sucky.


As in idea for his birthday present


because im poor and ill lose my house and kids if i dont get one


Apparently, all users require an extended battery genuinely. Their reasons are so genuine that they will buy this by themselves if Ausdroid won’t given them.
I need this battery to have an opportunity of extended battery life for my phone. That’s my reason as that’s what the extended battery does.


just give it to me

Darryn Hancock

If I get the extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S II then I am one step closer to having a Samsung Galaxy S II or at least that part anyway.


My girlfriend doesn’t think mine is fat enough =)

Andrew Pichner

I’m travelling to Europe and I need my phone to last more then a few hours! Especially if I get lost
….haha. Thanks!


I need it because I run camps for Dept of Child Protection. These camps are crazy intense and require a stupid amount of concentration and energy. Having to keep my phone on the charger to make certain that I am able to make emergency calls is a pain in the ass. This battery would help alleviate my stress levels as I look after 30 very damaged wards of the state!


I would like to have this extended battery because the juice of SGS II dry out so fast that I need to charge my phone for 2-3 times a day.


i use s2 for every thing. its my laptop its my tablet and its my phone and its my daughter saviour when she is cant stop crying and i put on any episode of dora:). i love the phone and love using it for full potential. i keep myself checked out from google maps if i get late from work and my wife can track me. would love to get this great offer from ausdroid. i am your faithful follower:)


I need one because my GS II only last just over 1/2 day since updated firmware with some essential apps running in the background draining the battery.
Please choose me because I really need it. Thank you.

Nick Leslie

Whenever someone notices my Samsung Galaxy S2 – whether it be the crisp clear resolution, how light and thin it is, the beautiful moving wallpapers, its lightning speed or any of its countless other features – they ask me the painfully simple question of “is it good?” My reply is always that no only is it the best phone I’ve ever had – it’s the SINGLE BEST THING I have ever bought for myself, period. Hands down. Case closed. I’ve had it for about seven months now, and every day I wake up and I still feel the same way… Read more »

Jason Zheng

I would like to have one backup battery like this because I am a heavy user of mobile and I always having 2nd battery since my NOKIA 3310.

Paolo Galgano

I should win this because i really need because my battery lasts less than half day before i need to recharge it again….also due to the fact that im constantly using my SGSII every minute of the day…

David Thai

I would love to win this battery pack, because I don’t think I’m using my phone to its full capacity at the moment, because I avoid leaving certain things on for long periods of time, like mobile internet, wifi connections and GPS, because of the drain that it has on the battery. With this battery pack, it would let me use these features more efficiently, and would also make my white phone look pretty awesome and unique.

Brenton Stringer

These aren’t the AUSDROIDS you’re looking for…

Mark Shamoun

My already upgraded current Samsung 2000maH battery just cant provide the time I need to get through the vast resource of informative android news, brilliantly accurate and educated reviews and awesome podcasts that only ausdroid can provide.

Having an extended Mugan battery will finally allow me the battery I believe I deserve for being a dedicated ausdroid follower. Why would I settle for anything but the best.

Lol my battery is at 3% as I’m posting this


Loving my SGS2 and the only real problem i have is the battery life, i’ve done numerous tests to finally get it to an “OK” life. but ok life is not enough with an awesome device like the SGS2. make my SGS2 have an awesome life to suit it’s pure awesomeness. ^.^

Steve Ladds

Because size IS important (so my wife tells me) 🙁

Ricky Nolan

I go to visit my 8 year old son in Sweden twice a year. The battery would be great on those long haul Flights.