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Dutch website Tweakers has received an invite to a Samsung event on May 3rd. There’s nothing explicitly mentioning the Galaxy S III, but given that the invite says “come and meet the next Galaxy” it surely must be referring to it. A May 3rd announcement would give Samsung enough time to roll out the device for a May 22nd launch — a date that has been hanging around for over a month. The event is taking place in London, and we’ve received no word from Samsung AU yet as to whether or not there will be an Aussie launch event as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to have a 4.7-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED Plus HD display, a Quad-Core Exynos CPU running Android 4.0 with Samsung’s TouchWiz skin. The Galaxy S III will be up against fierce competition in the HTC One X, which is by far the best Android phone I’ve used.

There has been no confirmation as to what the Galaxy S III will look like, but the above render is the closest thing we’ve had to what seems like the real deal.

Source: TweakersSamsung Mobile.
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Dan Murphy

How do I get an invite?

Frank Benign

 In other news, the Optus SGSII ICS update is finally out (kies only so far).  I’m upgrading mine right now.

Dan Murphy

I upgraded via “Software Update” in the android settings menu. Still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 update to come through.

Piers McCarney

I like my Galaxy S a lot (except for TouchWiz and Samsung “enhancements” looking and feeling like crap, but Go Launcher EX went a long way toward fixing that), but I have to say that this is my expectation right now: “Galaxy S III is marginally better hardware and software-wise compated to HTC One X. SIII also feels like an overly light and plastic piece of crap compared to the work on the body of the HTC One X.” As far as my next phone goes, I’d lean toward the HTC, in all honesty (assuming same price point). HTC seem to… Read more »


the *NEW* Galaxy…

So excited. I can stop checking 10 times a day. Wait. No I can’t…could be more leaks…

Rohan Juneja

Let’s just hope to god this is in fact the SGS3 because Galaxy could mean anything… but, i don’t think Samsung would set us up this badly for a letdown because people will rage if they go, “LOLJKS 22nd May”

James Cranston

I’m just waiting because rumors are just that. When it gets announced, if its good i’m getting it…. if not more money to go to thailand with hahaha


Can’t wait to see this phone maybe I might upgrade from HTC one x


Where’s your HTC One X review?  Can you link to it from this article pls.

Buzz Moody

HTC One X review is still in the works. Irwin is working on it 🙂


I’m sooo ready to line up/camp out up for this…..oh wait…

Well, in any case, you telcos better have a pre-order signup page soon-as! (and I mean the very HOUR after the announcement, got me?)


I now know what I want to give myself as a birthday present in May LOL

Damon Lewis

I have money ready to throw at Samsung.

Buzz Moody

I’m throwing money at my screen.


I’m throwing money at my Galaxy a screen.


Dammit, auto correct – supposed to be Galaxy S screen.

James Cranston

whilst yelling “upgrade damn you!”?

Damon Lewis

Oh, I thought you were trying to say “I’m throwing my Galaxy at the screen”. I am disappointed.

Phil Tann

When the GNex was coming up for release…
I BEGGED Samsung to take my money, but since they took too long they didn’t get it.

I suspect they’ll get it this time.