On Friday last week we saw the pricing from Mobicity put up for the 16GB version of the Galaxy S III and now we have pricing for the 16GB, 32GB & 64GB versions of the phone from Kogan and Mobicity. Both stores are offering a 12 month local warranty and the option of colours : Marble White or Pebble Blue. Kogan has advised they have an expected dispatch date of the 28th of May for the 16, 32 & 64GB versions, whilst Mobicity advise the 16GB should have a release date of the 30th of May but no timeframe for the 32GB or 64GB version has been given.

This morning we have found that Dmavo have put up the Galaxy S III for pre-order, although they appear to only offer it in Marble White, they have no information on shipping date but advise pre-order information will be updated on the 10th of May. Also joining the companies after your pre-order are Expansys who appear to be offering the cheapest deal at the moment offering you Ex-GST for orders under $1000(Is that legal?), the downside to an Expansys order is that you will only get 3 months warranty for your device but they do offer options for purchasing additional warranty, there also doesn`t seem to be an ETA for shipping their devices.

Mobicity Kogan Dmavo Expansys
16GB $799 $789 $788.99 $745.91ex GST
32GB $899 $889
64GB $999 $989
Shipping Free Shipping for orders over $100(I think this qualifies) Check on the site, it was $19 for me to Canberra $15 Pricing for shipping is by weight so check out the pricing here

Expansys is also the first to offer what appear to be the genuine Samsung Galaxy III accessories as well, giving a date of the 06/06/12 :

Samsung Flip Cover Case for Galaxy S III (Chrome Blue) $39.99
Samsung Galaxy S III Original Desktop Dock $43.99
Samsung Galaxy S III C-Pen Stylus (Titanium Silver) $21.99
Samsung Galaxy S III Original Battery Charger Stand (Battery Included) $37.99
Samsung Galaxy S III Original Vehicle Kit (Car Charger Included) $32.99
Samsung Galaxy S III Original Battery (2100 mAh) $32.99
Samsung Galaxy S III Original MicroUSB to HDMI Adapter (MicroUSB to 11 Pin HDMI) $43.99

Again, shipping is on top of this so bear that in mind when purchasing, it’s worked out by weight so check out their pricing here.

If you`re willing to import and go with a warranty that involves shipping your phone back to the UK you can order from the big two : Clove or Handtec. Clove has not eta for their offering except a notification ‘Due in soon taking pre-orders’ but Handtec advises ‘First stock due May 30th’ and shipping to customers would occur shortly after. Both Clove and Handtec are offering only pre-orders for the 16GB version at this stage.

Table Cell Clove Handtec
16GB ex VAT £429 £416.49
Delivery DHL : £26.90
FedEX : £28.90
Int Signed Mail £24.00
DHL Int Courier £29.00
Fedex Int Courier£31.00

Those are the major importers/exporters that I personally know of and would trust to pre-order a phone through. Samsung has still no updates on availability of the Galaxy S III in Australia as yet. Still waiting to see if one of their pop-up stores will be making an appearance in Australia at this stage(We can only hope). So, has anyone pre-ordered Samsungs latest flagship yet?

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Fuck I cant stand these shitty telco companies and their random launches with no lead up or warm up!!!!


I am currently in the US on business. The US Expansys site has it for US $695. Interesting it is $50 more in AUD. Typical though.

Alex Baldwin

Does anyone know how warranty works for phone imported from the UK (handtec, clove, etc)? 

On Samsung’s aussie site it states that warranty is only available for the country of purchase, and on handtec it doesn’t mention how returns or warranty works for international customers…


From what I gather while reading whirpool in the past year, if you have any problems then you’ll have to contact clove/handtec and then post your phone back to the UK for them to have a look, send to Samsung UK etc. then they will post it back to you. Samsung Aussie won’t do anything since it’s not a worldwide warranty.


hum mobicity and clove have started listing official accessories as well. Expansys seems to be the cheapest though when I wanted to pre-order the c-pen and flip cover.


I don’t see the point of upgrading from sgs2. The price is also too high for outright. Just wait till end if the year it will be at least $200-300 less


“Also joining the companies after your pre-order are Expansys who appear
to be offering the cheapest deal at the moment offering you Ex-GST for
orders under $1000(Is that legal?)”

Well expansys is basically a UK company like clove and handtec, they just have a .au website. They have a bunch of country specific websites if you check. It’s the same as buying from the others, if your order exceeds AUD1000, customs will ask for GST from you, if not then no GST.

Dean Reading

Is it right that these models have every frequency that we could ever want here in Australia?

That makes it pretty simple to not have a separate NextG version.


 Yup it can take any frequency band all the Aussie carriers use including the 850 band of Telstra’s NextG network and vodafone’s new 850 network as well as optus and the others running on 900.

Of course it’s fine if you just want to use GSM 2G and 3G networks but if you want a version that can be used on Telstra’s new 4G LTE network, now that you’ll have to wait for a separate version.

Dean Reading

This is so useful, especially since I’ll be taking it overseas.

I’d love to be able to use 4G, but I live up in Townsville so I think I’d be wasting my money 🙁


Damn those prices are ridiculous. Finally hit 1000$ phones off contract . This is very bad for me. I’ll just stick with my s2 for now.

bd see

We hit that with the 32GB iPhone 3GS


SO does anyone have any thoughts on when a 32GB might be available or is it to be like the mythical SII (could be wrong there but I don’t think I ever saw it around).
Or do I give up and go with the 16GB?

Daniel Tyson

My personal opinion is that we’ll never see the 32 or 64GB versions or if we do they’ll be like the 32GB Galaxy Nexus which was Verizon/Sprint LTE only and as our LTE (Telstra 4G) Frequencies don’t match I guess we may never get them here via importers or you’ll have to wait for a carrier(i.e Telstra) to release an Australian version. That said, I would love to see both versions released in a GSM International version.


Yes I thought so I rang up an importer who shall remain nameless but the girls suggestion was 16 and add a card rather than holding my breath so I updated my pre order to a 16GB and now I hope that I haven’t been dropped down the list, as I pre ordered as soon as I saw them hit the web.


what no pricing or listing for the S-Pebble!!! come on Expansys..

Daniel Tyson

I still don’t think i’m clear on what the S-Pebble actually does and why it’s sold as an accessory to the phone. Perhaps when Samsung actually release it they’ll be able to paint a clearer picture of its purpose.

Alex 'Tank' Thien

Allows you to play music wirelessly from your phone. Like a wireless-tethered mp3 player I think.


Expansys ex GST promotion is perfectly legal as the responsibility for GST in Australia lies in the supplier not the consumer and GST is in fact calculated as price divided by 11. Hence if suppliers forget to include GST in their price, too bad, they will have to cop it (unless there is an agreement / contract of recourse from the consumer – typically only in large / commercial transactions).

John Sharpley

Question for anyone who may know… Will the above suppliers have the SGS3 with 4G? as everywhere I read it depends on the locality.. Ie getting it from uk (will they be getting the 4G phone?) or will the supply from kogan and the like have different phones.

No point getting a phone that doesnt have the 4G

Daniel Tyson

At this stage, all these are for 3G only, the 4G version will come with most likely the Qualcomm S4 Processor rather than the Exynos. Not sure when 4G will be available due to incompatability issues with 4G Frequencies(Australian 4G Frequencies don`t match US ones).

Rob Byrnes

 pdadb.net has the 4G version (850LTE at the moment) with the same Exynos processor as the 3G version. How accurate this is I don’t know.


Well if you look at Clove’s blog, they say the 16gb version is due on the 30th May as well.

Don’t think we’ll see the 32gb version for a while since Vodafone UK has a month of exclusivity for that. >__<"
Well at least we know the 32gb will be available since vodafone UK will have it unlike the 32GB S2 from last year.

Richard Gill

My frustration with mobicity was the shipping. The phone is shipped from ‘the warehouse’ they don’t tell you the warehouse is overseas. Kogan’s was literally next day. Obviously we are talking pre-sale phones here, but thats my experience to date. 

Damon Lewis

I’ve had things take 2 days when shipped from Mobicity, very fast.


Kogans phones ship from overseas warehouse as well

Nathan Walters

Im thinking Clove…Ive used them before and they were good. Delivered its only $723 AUD.

The question is, should I buy locally for an additional $76 to save a couple days delivery time?


$76 can buy you a good memory card

John H

Consider warranty Nathan, if the phone screws up or arrives DOA it will most likely have to be returned to the UK meaning more waiting and $


 Not that ive ever used it but I think it was clove or one of the other importers that offer to take it out the box and do a full test to ensure that its fully working. If you get them to do it the return is repaid if its faulty.


Id be more inclined to take the 2 year local warranty over $76 bucks.

Damon Lewis

I’m going to buy it from Mobicity as soon as I can sell my S2.


Your nor comparing apples to apples, mobicity is doing free delivery but Kogan is plus delivery! Which I highly doubt they are going to do for under $10…..

Based on my experience or sadly lack of a having a good experience with Kogan warranty returns, I would learn towards Mobicity.


I did try to get shipping cost from Kogan, as I said either they’re doing free shipping or their website wasn’t giving me shipping pricing.


While its in the text, most people just skim the tablet….. Maybe a small “+Shipping” needs to be added?

It appears Kogans new website is broken, I can’t get a shipping quote either, but it clearly says PLUS SHIPPING on the product page, and the ordering system keeps asking me to enter my postcode to calculate postage costs, but refuses to display a shipping price.

Daniel Tyson

The shipping has now been added after speaking with Kogan this morning. I didn`t want to add this until I could clarify with Kogan, I did my best with the text underneath the table which explained the issue I think you’d agree.


Nice work!


I reckon get mobicity to price match kogan and then do vice versa hahahaha

Ronaldo Rivera

Good luck, but ‘online’ prices are pretty much set and hard to get a discount for. Per level380, Mobicity price includes shipping (in the form of ‘free’) so they would be your best option. Bought a Galaxy Nexus off them last week, very impressed.


 Just press the share button at the mobicity page and you’ll get a 10 bucks voucher and you now have the same price as kogan + free shipping since it’s free for all over 100 dollars.