I’m a late comer to Kickstarter projects but I’m starting to have a great time looking through the many wonderful projects that are out there, in particular in regards to Android based projects.

I just came across this project from Melbourne based company, Studio Proper, which aims to produce a mounting system for the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II as well as the iPhone 4s. Using a system utilising rare earth magnets, they offer the ability to wall, desk or car mount your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. They advise the case will not affect NFC usage as some of the external cases have shown to do and the magnet is actually in the accessory rather than the case.

At this stage they have 3 days to go and have received $25,078 of their $35,000 goal. Starting at $40, people who pledge can receive a basic pack including a wall mount disc and a case for the Galaxy Nexus or they can go through the various pledges to receive either wall, car or desk mounts (or all 3). The pledges so far only mention the Galaxy Nexus but the rest of the page certainly mentions the Galaxy S II, so I’m not sure what is going on with that.

While we’re not advocating that you pledge money to the project, we thought it was worth a look, and if you see any other worthwhile Kickstarter projects for Android we’d love to hear about them.

Source: Wallee M (Kickstarter).
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bringing harmony to a cross OS family…
I am sure it will not be long until they produce a case for the SGSIII


It looks like it’s a brilliant idea, though they will probably want to look at the Galaxy S III as well as I imagine plenty of S II owners will look to upgrade (atleast those who like to have the latest new toys and the people most likely to consider pledging to such a project).


Wow they have managed to keep the case small. Its a pretty sweet idea. Wonder how it handles in a bumpy car trip.


I saw this the other day and though it’s a great idea. But seeing as how I have the s3 now it’s not going to work for me