Huawei have advised they will be releasing their own overlay to sit atop the Android OS called the Emotion UI, details on what the ‘skin’ will look like or what features are going to be added by using the skin are scarce but they have advised they will unveil it on June 9th and release it in July. As to wether this new UI will arrive on the Ascend P1 which was due to launch last month or on the Ascend D Quad which is expected later this year is another question.

The above image comes from the invite sent out to an event where Huawei will unveil the new UI. We’ve seen most of the major manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola heavily skin their Android phones with Sense, Touchwiz and MotoBlur to differentiate themselves and in return have received a large amount of pushback from consumers and the Tech media in regards to how bloated they had become and recently they have been scaling back these skins on the HTC One Series and the Galaxy S III in the form of the new Nature UX and Sense 4.0. The image above appears to be fairly stock so perhaps Huawei have learnt from this and the new Emotion UI will be a subtle overlay and hopefully not hamper any potential software upgrades to the OS.

The few Huawei phones I’ve played with from them such as the Vision and the X3 have been pretty nice handsets with a low price and decentish specs but their truly winning feature for me has always been that they shipped with stock Android whilst supplying a launcher that could be disabled if you didn’t want it. I’m not sure what the new Emotion UI will offer but I do hope they retain the option to use stock Android if you want.

Source: UnwiredView.
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    I know they want to appear more upmarket, but they could seriously cut out a better market niche by providing high quality hardware with stock android as an alternative the Nexus with high end and low end options


    Daniel, an older version of Huawei Emotion was inflicted on owners of the Telstra T-Touch Tab, a rebadged Huawei Smarkit S7-1xx tablet. On the tablet, it was foul, ugly, bloatware. Going by this Bad News of yours, Huawei seems to have forgotten the lessons from the S7.

    Daniel Tyson

    Never got to use the Telstra tablet, didn`t realise it was that bad. I did have my own sad adventures with the lower end Android tablet market. Still hopefully they may have cleaned it up and the fact it’s based on ICS could be a good thing, have to wait and see.