We’ve received word that some Optus stores now have the 32GB “Marble White” variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III is available from select Optus retailers. One reader said that their local store in the Brisbane suburb of Toowong had received some 32GB units, and although it wasn’t in Optus’ computer system, they were able to purchase it for $10/mo on Optus’ $60 Plan.

Currently the 32GB model isn’t available for purchase online, so your best bet to grab one is to get in contact with your local Optus store. Oh yeah, still no word on that “Pebble Blue” model just yet.

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when can I get a 64 GB pebble blue?

Dumindu Weerasinghe

I already have a blue colour 32GB one, I bought it like a week ago from Indooroopilly Brisbane QLD…..


Is that the Vodafone 32gb i9300T?

Dumindu Weerasinghe

yes it is…..

Zoran Petkovic

Samsung should really get their act together. This “keeping the customer in the dark” isn’t really working for anyone. They advertise the product with the 16, 32, 64GB versions but then are playing games with the release. They did it with launch day and are doing it now as well. The one thing I hate is walking into a store see the phone advertised and then having to listen: “Ohh you want the 32GB version, sorry we don’t have that. Ohhh you want the pebble blue sorry we don’t have that either”. The sad thing is they haven’t got a… Read more ยป


I’m with you there mate, if it’s one thing that other companies could learn from apple is how to launch a product. Launch all SKU’s in all the places with all the carriers at the same time. Yes I can imagine that’s quite hard, but I’m sure they’ve got some room in the budget to hire some launch coordinators.


p.s Any news on the 32gb version on Telstra?


They can’t really help it can they. The manufacturing defect that plagued them and set them back by a month isn’t something you can control.

I agree that they should be a bit more informative, but do we ever see Apple or other companies do the same? No, never.