Got a craving to go raving? Need some rock and roll? Wanna hear the tranquil sounds of Taylor Swift (had to add this in for Buzz) but only have your phone or tablet with you… well this is your lucky day!

Remember the Logitech Mini Boombox I reviewed last week? Well we’re giving one away, so what you need to do is comment on this story telling us in 35 words or less the situation you’ve been caught in where access to a Logitech Mini Boombox could have enhanced the experience, changed the mood or taken the setting from OK to Awesome.

NB. Situation doesn’t necessarily have to have happened, we should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Vote for your favorites by clicking the up arrow under the comment, the winner will be decided on Friday the 29th of June. Applicants must be residing in Australia — we’re not gonna ship this bad-boy overseas.

From the team at Ausdroid: good luck!

One thing that should be mentioned, the up votes is not going to guarantee the win!
The final victory will be decided by the Ausdroid Team using the upvotes to determine the finalists.

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    Home alone at midnight and I was starving. Went to the kitchen to make a quick fix, but it was all quiet and creepy. A mini boom box would have helped me feel less scared!

    Indra Arifin
    Mitchell Smith

    Every time we have a party at my house and are forced to resort to the loud speakers on our phones for background music. Those things just don’t cut it.


    School musical rehearsal, backstage with the leads singing flat. Could have used some oomph when the phone speaker couldn’t keep up.

    Mandy Graham

    I’d love a Logitech Mini Boombox to listen to to help motivate me to paint my house.


    You Mum said, “Put some music on and let’s get busy”.
    I only had tunes on my mobile which would have been okay, except the water bed and
    her moaning drowned out the tunes:(


    And then I go and put a typo in there. *Your.


    Actually this reminds me of this one time, when I was having sex with your Mum and she says, “Put some dirty music on and take me in a very uncomfortable place”. I says, “Hells yeah!” but then the only tunes I had were on my mobile. It would have been okay, except the water bed kept sloshing so loudly that, combined with her moaning and such, it drowned out the tunes. It just wasn’t the same.


    Word limited… whoops.

    chuck Goodenough

    Hey Alex we don’t have that problem here !……………lol


    The thing is called a boom box for a reason… It needs to be cable tied the the handle bars of your fixie so you can share some DJ Rectangle with the masses as you crawl down the terrace.

    Mikhail Cass

    In an elevator that doesn’t play elevator music.

    Alexander Quitzau

    On my balcony listening to tunes, walk inside to grab a
    drink and a goddam ibis lands on the table. It trips on the cord and speakers
    launch off two stories to the pavement

    Muscles Glasses

    Up votes seem legit

    green monster


    Kevin Wong

    on a romantic date with the girl of my dreams. wants to leave on a romantic note. whips out logitech boombox to slow dance in front of the stars.

    Simon Z

    Out of respect for Mr Trololol, R.I.P 4/6/2012, I would grace the population with his beautiful baritone. Putting smiles on peoples faces through Trololol over and over and over again

    Shane Whiteford

    On public transport with people who persist to talk loudly, I’d pull out my Logitech mini boom box and drown them out with awesome’ness

    Daniel Cavanagh

    This boom box is truly inspirational. It will change my life. Not only does it show mankind’s will to succeed and
    continue, but it also looks fucking awesome.

    Mark S

    The next time I’m on the train and someone with white
    headphones is blasting horrible aus hip-hop at me, I can take out the Logitech
    Mini Boombox and lay the smack down of Devo Whip-It.


    Because with the Logitech Mini Boombox I’ll no longer look like such a loser when throwing down silent break dancing challenges at local shoppers in public…

    Christopher Salmon

    There’s been many times where I share new music to my friends at my house via my phone, but the volume just isn’t loud enough to make the music sound better!


    At work late on a Friday night doing a new software release into production. I could really do with some tunes to keep my sanity.


    The experience of lining up for the iPhone 5 could go from OK to awesome if only we had a mini boom box to allow us to join together to sing hymns of tenderness to Apple.

    Malcolm Bowes

    From bored to AWESOME in 12 seconds by cranking the ausdroid podcast at work to fill in the slow spots

    Gambit smith

    Sorry guys, I don’t want one…. I got a Jambox…. craps all over logitec…..


    Worlds smallest “Say Anything…” tribute moment

    Paul Cavallaro

    The band failed to show up at the wedding reception. Boom box and my music library would have saved the day


    35 words or less…. I’ll do it in THREE!

    ‘Mobile. Rick. Roll’


    Sardined in on the train, needing some room to breath. All I needed was to have entire carriage to hear Moody tell them “I am the voice of reason” and cue instant space.

    Adam Knight

    That time when they cancelled Whacking Day and we really needed to stop the snakes…damn some Barry White through that Logitech Mini Boombox would have gone a treat.

    James Jones

    The Logitech mini boombox will take the mood from OK to AWESOME when I pull it out and say I got it for free by leaving a comment on Ausdroid! No need to even turn it on!

    Zen Whey Chin

    Stucked in a musicless birthday party, where i couln’t “breath” anymore … With “mine” Spotify and Boombox, live up the party and dance like no tomorrow! If you are lucky, you might find your “love story”!


    I have in the past been in a car on a 3 hour stretch of road with a radiator issue. Because of the issue we could drive for 15 minutes and then we had to stop the car for 30 minutes to let it cool down. We’d also decided to start the journey at Midnight to help alleviate the overheating issue. The car had no radio. There were no shops or houses or towns. Just endless dark road.

    Tyson Smith

    When an idiot kicked and broke the plug from a presentation leaving us with no audio!

    Andrew Webb

    Stuck with a bunch of apple fanboys. Can’t handle the smugness anymore. Suicide will be the only option if I don’t find some way to drown out their pretentious dribble


    A boring family BBQ, no conversation, no beer, no music, no TV. It needed something !

    Phil Tann

    No TV and No Beer make Jono something something…

    Buzz Moody

    Well I was listening to Taylor Swift.

    That’s it. That’s a confirmed win, right?