According to the Asus Australia webpage the Padfone is due to launch officially here at some stage next month, but amyone who wanted the Padfone early could order it from Mobicity, although when they first announced it, it was just the Phone and Tablet dock, they’ve now announced that the Keyboard dock will be included in the deal so now you get three devices for the $899 with a 12 month Australian warranty, even better they are currently offering free shipping on all orders over $100 however remember the stylus/headset attachement is still an extra $89.95 on top.

Not a bad deal, remember that both the Padfone station(tablet) and the Keyboard Dock have a 6600 mAh battery in them so when docked in the Keyboard Dock you essentially have 3 batteries to utilise, that should equate to a fair amount of usage time for the price. Check it out on the Mobicity website and let me know in the comments, what do you think of the whole idea of a dockable phone solution like this or even the Atrix with Lapdock, is it something you’d like in your next phone?

Source: Mobicity.
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I just spoke with cheryl from mobicity, the “dock” is not the keyboard dock, but the tablet dock… ie no keyboard included


Love the idea but I’m somewhat reluctant on getting a phone from Asus. Considering all the crap seasoned manufacturers get wrong on their phones, you’d have to wonder how good a relative newcomer is going to be.

If Sony or Samsung tried this I’d be much more likely to buy. They both have tablet, keyboard and phone experience.


I’ve had my had my garmin asus phone now for 2 years(as optus keeps reminding me) and its been faultless. The only problem is the phone is obsolete with the android upgrades, but that won’t be a problem with the likes of the padfone.
I definetly wouldn’t be worried about purchasing one, but and there is a but! There is talk of the second gen model nearly out because of the huge delay in processors.


According to Mobicity webpage the deal does not include the keyboard