Asus will launch the Asus Transformer Infinity in Australia on August 7th in Sydney,despite early reports that it would launch this month the tablet with the high resolution screen will finally grace our shores next month. Featuring a 1920×1200 FHD Super IPS Display with a Gorilla Glass covering, the Tegra 3 powered multi-media powerhouse has been an oft asked for device on the Asus Australia Facebook page.

Gizmodo Australia has been advised that the tablet will not ship with 3G when it first goes on sale and that the 64GB version will cost $999. No details on a 32GB version or how much the 3G version will cost when it arrives but I will ask those questions when I attend the launch, if you do have any other questions regarding the Transformer Pad Infinity, queue them up in the comments and I’ll be sure to ask.

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ebay has 32GB model with dock for 710$ with postage 😀


The TF700 is uncompetitive. Google need to take action to bring more well built and competitive Android tablets to the market otherwise Apple will rule this space forever. One of my key concerns with Android tablets is the failure of many manufacturers to provide software release updates or if they do provide updates, it takes them too long. There are manufacturers that I will not consider buying a tablet from because I have no confidence that they will ever get updated. The guarantee of software updates is a big attraction of the Nexus devices. Just as AMD and NVIDIA release… Read more »


This is why Apple own the tablet market. If Android is going to compete with Apple they need to start offering well built tablets at competitive prices. The Nexus 7 is a step in the right direction but even there Google have handicapped this tablet with a very small 16GB of storage and no way to expand it. Memory is cheap and they could have released a 32GB version at little additional cost. Their decision to disable USB storage capability is behaviour we expect from Apple not Google. A bad call. The TF700 can’t compete with the IPAD on resolution… Read more »


Alice a few points here. Yes I agree with you in regards to the possible price Asus might end up asking for this unit. I will buy this unit, whether it’s on the first day or in a couple of months depends on the price. I think the Nexus 7 is a great idea. Start off with an affordable tablet (it doesn’t have to have a large amount of storage), as long as they get people to start looking at Google instead of apple. The price of the Nexus 7 will hopefully change peoples mind-sets to think that apple are… Read more »


I agree with you on the Nexus – although I took mine back to the shop yesterday because the screen had come loose. But 16GB is very little storage for a media consumption device. Once you try loading a few movies and music playlists you run out of storage very quickly. Google are likely making an ivory tower assumption that users will always have access to wifi/cloud/tether but this is not the reality and I certainly dont want to be paying to download my media from the cloud. Their decision not to include an option for expansion is baffling with… Read more »


thats why im going to buy myself the 32gb version from best buy when im in america for $499


@Dean – The only “niche” that Asus could be targeting with this pricing are the reproductively challenged nerds who’s shrivelled egos are dependant on the tech they buy regardless of any objective assessment of value.


My question: Who made this pricing decision and when do you plan to fire them ?


Why did they not include a USB port on the tablet ? Did they mistakenly assume everyone would buy a dock ?


A few questions:
1. How do Asus Australia justify fleecing Australian customers by charging $250 more than their American Customers for the same configuration (64Gb+dock) ?
2. What are they smoking ?
3. How do they rate their chances of escaping from the launch venue before they are lynched ?


Surely for that price they’re throwing in the keyboard dock as well?


Daniel, question to ask Asus at the launch:
With such a exhorbitant price tag, does the 64Gb version of this tablet have microSDXC capability?

Dean Reading

Do they only want to cater for a niche market? They have to be doing this on purpose…

Dylan Xavier

Hmmm. Asus must be trying so hard not to sell this tablet with a price like that


Won’t consider this until it ships with 3G/4G. For a mobile device, it needs mobile connectivity. My current tablet is using mobile networks 90% of the time.


I’d like to know when will the 3G version be available and a price, been waiting for this to arrive. That price for the 64GB looks scary !


The TF300TG (3g) model went on sale at JB Hi-Fi last week without any fanfare, please find out when the 700TG will arrive.

Peter Neal

$999 is just ridiculous. Not even close to worth it!


If Asus wants to price the Prime Infinity at $999, they had better have a good reason to justify the high price. How about throwing in some freebies at that price.


That’s ridiculously expensive


What carriers?

Daniel Tyson

No carriers, No 3G onboard