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We’re still more than a week out from the launch of the Asus Transformer Infinity but that hasn’t stopped the tablet from beginning sales in Austalia. Two stores have confirmed availability of the tablet with MobiCity offering the HD Tablet in Amethyst Grey or Champagne Gold with keyboard dock for $849 with free shipping, whilst Digital Star Computers in Sydney are taking pre-orders for the tablet and keyboard dock at $999 with free shipping and the inclusion of a wireless portable router(ASUS WL-330N3G), they advise stock is due Monday(30th July).

The specs on the TF700 are pretty awesome and it has been a long awaited item with many requests on the Asus Facebook page for the tablet which boasts a 1920×1200 10.1″ screen, 1.6GHz Quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 64GB of on-board storage. We’ll be asking all the questions you asked in the comments when we announced the tablet at the launch in a week and a half so stay tuned and we’ll let you know the answers as soon as we get them.

Source: Digital StarMobiCity.
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This is the WiFi version only?


Yes its a ripoff. We are being charged $250 more than the Americans for the same hardware.


64GB Wifi Tablet TF700T is US$599, keyboard dock is US$150. Total is $750 + 10% GST is $825. I agree that the full RRP of A$1000 is a sick joke, but retailers selling for ~A$850 is about right.

unfunk Freeman

Wow. It’s like half that price on Amazon. Well. Considerably less, anyway…


Would be nice if they had a cheaper model (ie Wifi only 16gb) to compete with the cheaper iPad


As far as ASUS is concerned I guess, that’s the job of the Transformer Prime and the TF300 Transformer


The TF300 and Prime have half the reslution of the IPAD. They are not in anyway competitive with the IPAD.


The TF700 has lower resolution Than the IPAD and very few tablet apps. It should be selling at well below IPAD pricing. Asus are fleecing Australians by selling this at $250 more than in America. Additionally they are selling it in only one $1000 configuration to maximize the revenue the can extract from the few gormless geeks that are prepared to pay silly money for their shiny tech. If this was priced fairly as it is in America I would buy it.


are you KIDDING? Quad core 1.6ghz compared to what dual core 1.2 ghz with only shitty quad core graphics? this is FAR superior to the iPAD.

That being said, I will wait to see what the price of the surface pro is. Full windows on my tab > android sadly (unless MS release a office application for tablets. I’d actually pay 100 bucks for it… if it worked well)


No, consumers buy with their wallets. Your average jo-blow going to JB Hifi will look at the iPad and then at the Transformer and say “Hey, it’s only got a keyboard and its X dollars extra”.

Anyways, the surface.. yes indeed.