With talk of the LG Optimus Vu launching globally in September in Europe, Asia, Middle East/Africa and Latin America. I approached LG Australia to find out if Australia was supposed to be included in that list or was perhaps categorised in with Asia, but apparently that apparently that answer is no. LG has advised that they will not be ranging the capacative stylus toting ‘phablet’ in Australia due to not being picked up by local carriers.

The full quote from LG :

β€˜The Optimus Vu is being released only in select markets in Asia.
The decision to release individual handset models in Australia, such as Optimus Vu, is dependent upon the local operators making the decision to range and support handsets through pricing plans, subsidy and retail channels.
At this point in time Optimus Vu has not been ranged by any of the local operators and will not be released for sale in Australia.’

It was an intriguing concept the Optimus Vu, still not all hope is lost the comment says ‘At this point in time’ so perhaps one of the carriers will want to get in on the LG Optimus Vu as an exclusive. The Galaxy Note has been selling like hotcakes in Australia and the rest of the world proving there is indeed a market for stylus based handsets, although my experience with capacative stylus’s have not been that great although personally I am a fan of the stylus and would have been interested to see how the Vu went.

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Jamesz Zhang

its a really good phone considering they bringing this phone to global market with a quad core instead of a dual core for the south korean market but then again if anyone wants the phone they can always get it from mobicity once they have it in stock just like the nokia 80 pureview

Rodger Phillips

Typical, the phones that actually look like they would suit Australia, don’t come here

Stephen Crisafulli

If were a desk jocky and never did any sort of physical exercise like listen to music while running then I would be all over this form factor, till that day 4.8inc is as big as i can take.

Daniel Tyson

I have a Jogging Armband designed for the Galaxy Note, the Vu would fit in there nicely. Plus the extra weight on my arms would give me a nice upper body workout, lol