The ASUS PadFone has not been out that long, and we’re already hearing rumours about the PadFone 2. It looks like some of the rumours may be true. Given ASUS is not a company that is known for releasing updated products really close together, we knew that a PadFone 2 was a probability for later in 2013. It seems it may arrive sooner, considering the device was leaked in the AnTuTu database.

So what we’re seeing here is the name PadFone2, Ice Cream Sandwich as the Android version (although you’d hope by release it would be sporting Jelly Bean), and a quad core 1512 MHz processor. There are leaks indicating the processor will be a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro, with 2 GB of RAM, which is a good starting point for what we can expect from future phones and tablets. This gives us no indication of the actual design of the product, nor the price. However, given ASUS’s Transformer range, we can probably expect the device to keep similar lines to the current PadFone.

Let’s hope they take a page from the evolution of their other range, and bring us a slightly more sleek device, with a much more powerful battery. Hopefully soon we will see some images, or footage, or maybe even a prototype at one of the tech shows early next year.

What do you think about the concept of the PadFone? Worth going a round 2?


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Phil Marshall

yep. I’m I would have got the original padfone if it had Telstra next g bands


only if the umts bands are better than this one. No 850 umts sucks.