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Well it never rains but it pours, the LG Nexus rumour mill is flying now. In the last post I put up on the LG E960 there was some comments about the phone in question being in a case or something. Harvz in the comments posted a link to a Belarusian forum where a user has put up some more photos of the device sans case and includes a good shot of the back of the phone.

[nggallery id=154]

As you can see from the images, the back of the phone shows a Not For Sale sticker/imprint listing a HW revision number indicating it too may be just an engineering sample. I do like the sparkly back on the phone (Shiny!), but as we saw with the Galaxy S III, manufacturers do like to put the guts of their new phones into generic cases so even this could be way off.

The settings page although mostly in cyrillic is showing Kernel version and build dates and this second set of photos shows later dates and builds than the first. The ‘Full JellyBean on Mako’ in the Model Number has also shown up on benchmarking site Nenamark where it has a NenaMark 1 and NenaMark 2 listing.

As we progress into October the leaks keep coming and with a rumoured late October launch we have to really just ask this question : Is the LG E960 the next Nexus?

Source: AndroidpoliceBaraholka.
Thanks: Harvz.
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Notice it says “With Google” on the back. This might be a return to the Google Certified devices ala the HTC Magic and HTC Dream. Although not Nexus devices they ran vanilla android for a “Google Experience”

Dara Ing

this looks horrible!!! i surely hope its just a generic case!! if not than lets prey there are sony samsung and htc doing a nexus device aswell!

David Anderton

I for one am happy for LG to make the next nexus, I just really want an sd card and a changeable battery.


By all accounts that isn’t happening on either front.


i dont like how large the bezel is top and bottom.


Could be a generic case… with a generic case being last years Galaxy Nexus… i am just seeing a few design similarities. Not that this would be a bad thing, the Galaxy Nexus shape is great.