We received a tip from reader Paul Coussa this morning that a 32 GB Nexus 7 has appeared in a US eBay auction. The seller says he received it from the United Mileage Rewards program (presumably he ordered a 16 GB device).

The current price at time of writing is $250 (the same price as the 16 GB model in the US Google Play store). It’s worth noting that the seller doesn’t have much feedback, if you’re considering bidding.

We’ve now seen the 32 GB model show up in-hand in Japan and in a stock tracking system in the UK. This is the first US sighting we know of.

When put together with good deals on the 16 GB model from Officeworks and Kogan, this would seem to imply that something is “up” in the supply chain. Perhaps we’ll see an official launch of the 32 GB Nexus 7 at Google’s October 29 “Playground” event.

So far our query regarding a local release has gone unanswered from Asus. We’ll continue watching.

Are you interested in the 32 GB Nexus 7? Does a new 32 GB model change how you feel about your existing device? Let us know in the comments!

Source: eBay.
Thanks: Paul Coussa.
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Avon Perera

I wasn’t interested in the 16gb version at all because of the limited space. A 32gb version however, would be the perfect Christmas present to myself if it was the same price as the 16gb version 😀


Not bothered as 16 GB is more than adequate for me.


Bit annoying that you get double the storage for the same price – I ordered the original Nexus7 on the day it was launched…


That’s annoying mate; sincerely, my heart goes out to you.
But I’m willing to bet that everyone who reads Ausdroid regularly ie. enthusiasts have been ‘done’ a few a times before. We do it to ourselves cause we love the tech!
I remember paying over $900 for my SGS2 through Mobicity back in the day. I can grab a Nexus for $350 now!!


Actually im waiting for the 32GB as it will drive the 16GB price down.
As David said, with the OTG cable you can connect usb drives directly meaning that you can use store all your large items (Video) on usb key. Not sure why you would need more than 16GB then.

David Klaverstyn

It is my belief that the 32GB will be $50 more than the 16GB based on the 16GB is $50 more than the 8GB. I do’t know how they can justify that as I purchased a 16GB XD card for $8.

David Klaverstyn

I bought the 16GB, I wish I had bought the 8GB version as I don’t use the internal storage. I connect USB keys directly to the tablet or stream/copy/use files directly from my Windows computer over Wi-Fi.

Ronnie Beck

32Gb of storage and 3g connectivity would be nice. Then I could take it on the road like my galaxy tab. I like using my tab for travel so the missing 3g is a deal breaker for me.

Daniel Murphy

definitely make me consider getting one more. Not that i need it…