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The Samsung Galaxy S III has been pretty popular all over the world with Samsung Poland recently announcing that the company had sold over 30 Million of the phones worldwide. Now a company called Strategy Analytics has announced that during Quarter 3 2012, Samsung has taken the title of the most shipped phone away from the iPhone 4S by selling over 18 million Galaxy S IIIs in the period between July and September, this in comparison to Apples sales of just over 16 million iPhone 4S handsets during the same period.

Phone sales during this time frame did see the US launch of the Galaxy S III and also the worldwide release of the iPhone 5 but just barely, the iPhone 4 and 4S also saw a drop in price after the launch of the iPhone 5 so I personally don’t know how long this title will stay with Samsung, however it is impressive and combined with the 3 million Galaxy Note 2‘s sold in just over a month, shows that Samsung phones are selling in massive amounts. It will be interesting to see what happens in Q4 with Christmas sales. Do you think Samsung can retain the title?

Source: EngadgetAndroid Central.