A while back we announced the Galaxy Mini 2 giveaway to give you, our readers the chance to win the Galaxy Mini 2 we were given by Vodafone as part of our Nexus S Jelly Bean Challenge.

The competition called for you to submit stories on the most spectacular way you’ve destroyed your phone. We had a lot of entries and there was some truly great entries, but there can be only one winner and after reviewing the entries we’ve decided to award the prize to Duane who submitted this tale of destruction :

Phone was angrily thrown from car at 110kph by wife on Gold Coast motorway, smashed on police car bonnet. She got off with a caution.

We’d like to again thank Vodafone Australia for being good sports and supplying the phone as well as thank all of you for entering and you’ve entertained us immensely with the tales of how some of your most personal technology has met their demise.

We at Ausdroid enjoy offering you these competitions, and we have many more opportunities for you to win a phone coming soon.

(ed: We don’t condone angry wives throwing phones at police cars… but what can you do?)

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Rather disgusted that you would reward someone who could have put peoples lives at risk. Throwing items from a moving motor vehicle is in fact an offence. I would suggest that you re think this David and Ausdroid, and NO I didn’t have an entry.


Agree if it was done to win the phone, but doesnt rwad that way. Ausdroid do say that they dont condone it, but as a man with a fiery (at times) wife, I can understand how this might happen 🙁

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Thanks for the feedback Jeff. Just to clarify for other commentors, there was no indication of any violence towards police and if there was, we certainly wouldn’t be condoning that. Of course throwing things from moving vehicles is an offence, that’s why Duane’s wife received a caution. We asked people what was the most spectacular way their phone was destroyed and this was the winner we chose. It did not appear there was any ill intent, although it was a silly thing for Duane’s wife to do. I think our position is clear, thanks for reading.


Lol. Condoning violence against police is wrong, hoon divers however is okay


Neither violence towards police or ‘hoon drivers’ are acceptable. You are an idiot if you think either of these acts are acceptable.


Cool your jets, Jingles, I was having a joke. My partner is in police and I don’t need to be lectured by blindly opinionated prick like you about what is acceptable.
You’re an idiot


Speed limit in part between Brisbane & Gold Coast is 110kph, so not necessarily hooning


True, I did slightly skim that part