The upcoming Nvidia Tegra 4 System On Chip currently code-named ‘Wayne’ has been leaked on ChipHell, showing in-built technology which utilises and improves on the existing Tegra 3 platform, with some of the new features appearing to be aimed at helping you get better battery life.

A number of factors have been employed to improve battery performance, the CPU adopts the patented 4-plus-1 architecture present in the Tegra 3 SOC which has already claimed to improve battery life by utilising a low-power core to perform low end functions. The Tegra 4 will also utilise the 28nM manufacturing process which will also help and the SOC is expected to be based on the same ARM A15 architecture which also claims to improve battery life on the Snapdragon S4 Pro SOC.

The leak also shows off a 72 Core GPU, which is 6x the graphics processing power of the already graphically impressive Tegra 3 and also promises video decoding of 2560×1440, with 1080P video output at 120Hz. The graphic does mention 4K but as 4K is 2160P I’m not sure how this will be achieved. In terms of Input/Output the Tegra 4 will support USB3.0.

No mention is made of LTE which is expected in the next Tegra SOC codenamed ‘Grey’ slated to be released sometime in quarter 3 next year. As you may be able to tell the Nvidia Tegra SOCs are codenamed after comicbook characters, with Wayne being Batman, Grey after Jean Grey and the one after that will be Logan after Wolverine.

Pretty exciting stuff coming up and a lot of power is soon going to be present in the palm of your hand, no wonder manufacturers are looking to Smart Phones and Tablets to replace devices like games consoles.

Source: Chiphell.
Via: TheVerge.
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With all due respect Daniel, but this article is full of mistakes. “the SOC is expected to be based on the same ARM A15 architecture which also claims to improve battery life on the Snapdragon S4 Pro SOC.” This is incorrect. Snapdragon S4 Pro is not based on ARM Cortex A15, it’s based on Krait, Qualcomm’s in-house developed architecture. Unlike Samsung, Nvidia etc which just license the architecture from ARM, Qualcomm designs its own architecture and then just gets a license from ARM to make it ISA-compatible with ARM. Also, Grey is not Tegra 4 + LTE, it is Tegra… Read more ยป


If it can do 1080p @ 120fps, it stands to show that it will do 2160p @ 30fps ๐Ÿ™‚

Daniel Tyson

Your math works out. For this generation of screen technology the 30fps should suffice but with Android doing 60fps animations for screen transitions so if we see 4K resolution screens in tablets this will present a problem for the OS.


Sure… because 4K is coming to our smart phones in the next few years at an affordable price.


Did you say that about 1080p a few years ago?