A second render of the upcoming HTC M7 has appeared on that cool thing we call the internet, and it’s vastly different to the previous one we’ve seen, which leads us to believe that one of them might not be the real deal. Either way, they’re cool to look at if you’re a fan of hardware design.

This render shows off more of the device which has a HTC Desire HD meets HTC 8X feel to it — a design I can certainly get behind. The M7 is expected to have a 4.7-inch 1080p display, and with that large space below the screen, it makes it seem like this is going to be a big phone.

If real, the new version of Sense isn’t really less intrusive, but it does appear to have more cartoon-ish looking icons down the bottom which are a bit of a turn off, and remind me of TouchWiz. The date on the clock says Tues 15th Jan which was earlier this week which seems strange (also, the weather was wrong), we’d be expecting a date falling on MWC in Feb. If this isn’t fake, it should be a real stunner when it launches.

HTC M7 specs…

  • 4.7-inch Super LCD3 1920Γ—1080 Display
  • 1.7GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU
  • Android 4.2 w/ Sense UI
  • 2GB RAM / 32GB Internal
  • 13MP / 2.1MP Cameras
  • LTE, 42Mbps DC-HSPA+
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4
  • 2300mAh Battery
  • Stereo Speakers w/ Beats Audio
Source: HTC Source.
Via: Droid Dog.
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If those are capacitive buttons, I’ll pass. Definitely not sticking with that bizarre home/multitask button switch.

James Finnigan

I really like it. If it comes in colours, I’ll be all over it.

I hope they don’t change the button layout though. Seems like a terrible idea.

Stephen Crisafulli

If those fixed capacitive buttons are real than this phone is dead to me, DEAD.


Why did they move the home button :S

Mark J

Looks alright I guess.I’d be happy with it, but personally I like this one:

This looks like Meizu MX/HTC One/DHD/HTC Legend. Super sexy, I’d like to see this one added to the article πŸ™‚

Notice that the homescreen/Sense design is almost identical and the actual devices are very similar. Maybe we are getting close to the real thing, but maybe one was made in response to the other


What the? Playing with home key layout again……..