Galaxy Note 8.0

We’ve heard bits and pieces about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in the last week or so. We had it confirmed by Samsung’s J K Shin that the Galaxy Note 8.0 would launch at the Mobile World Congress in February 2013. Then we saw some advertising imagery shown around the web.

Now it looks like we have the first decent quality photos of the device itself, demonstrating the included S-Pen and companion software.

As with the rest of the Samsung line, the Galaxy Note 8.0 appears to be running the TouchWiz UI, however those familiar with Samsung’s previous tablets might notice that the launcher style is more reminiscent of the phone version of TouchWiz rather than the tablet version. There are rumours that this will be the new style of launcher on phone and tablet alike for Android 4.2+, which the Note 8.0 is likely to be as well.

Source: FrAndroid.
Via: Android Guys.
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hmm with that phone icon and speaker it leads me to suspect that you can use this as a normal phone.

I dont know if i would but it would be pretty awesome if i had big pockets on all my pants. I can only fit tablets in my jeans 🙁


Get a man bag 🙂


Now if they could update the 7.7 to the same firmware it would be brilliant. Unless they sell a lot of these don’t expect a firmware update from Samsung, they are too busy developing for their other devices.

vijay alapati

Agreed…..I wish they release JB for 7.7

Sean Royce

It shouldn’t take long at all either, considering if non 3G versions needn’t be tested. Even 3G models wouldn’t really need to be tested

vijay alapati

Hope we get this before lemon key pie releases…can’t wait

The Nerd Mama

I can see a reason for a Note 8. I would even contemplate adding it to my gadget collection. While I find the 10.1 too cumbersome, the Note II is too small for tablet duties, and too large (for me) for phone duties, the 8 looks like a good “note taking” size. While larger than my beloved Nexus 7, I could get behind a product like the Note 8. As long as it performed well.

Sean Royce

What an objective post. I like it.