To me, white phones always seem cooler than their black counterparts. On that note, we bring you a photo of the back of a phone that looks suspiciously like a Nexus 4, but white.

Phone Arena posted this picture from an anonymous source that clearly shows the Nexus branding and distinctive sparkly pattern on the rear of the device. Apparently the EXIF data says the photo was taken with an LG Optimus G last week, and according to FotoForensics, it hasn’t been photoshopped.

The Nexus 4 looks kind of nice in white, but I’d be interested to see what the front of the device looks like. All I can say is that I hope this device is real, and I hope it is released soon.

Would you wait for a white Nexus 4? Would you like to see Android phones released in colours other than black and white? Or do you just not care about the Nexus 4 anymore? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Phone Arena.
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Nils Mueller

i hope the front is still balck


I think the point of the Nexus project is so people can experience new Android versions. Which makes the Galaxy Nexus such a valuable phone after LG’s poor handling of this one.

White would be fantastic for the Nexus 4. But i doubt LG can make more than 3/month.


Id really not put all the blame on google here. All nexus devices are still short supplied apart from the 7. Google isnt telling their suppliers to manufacture enough.

James Finnigan

You’re right, I think. LG only did what Google asked them to do. If Google didn’t order enough, then it’s really their fault, not LG’s.

In Google’s defence though, historically, people have not bought Nexus phones.


Nice, although yes I’m fatigued. And annoyed that overseas markets get their third crack at supply when Oz is left out again. Plus when the US went onsale for the 2nd time, they allowed the store to keep on selling on back order. Not only did this give US customers plenty of time to put their orders in, it also ensured that a lot of the upcoming production would end up in the US. Would have been better if they gave preference this time to countries that only had one or no cracks at it – ie Oz, Belgium and… Read more ยป


So sick of the nexus 4 i am so over waiting… i have been waiting for it since its release as i smashed my s2 a couple of weeks before. I have now decided to hold out for the xperia z or m7 becuase hey ive waited this long another month or so shouldnt hurt.

Sean Royce

Hope so, if they were I’d buy it. I’m sick of the generic black and white though. I want colours, I don’t even use a case anymore

James Finnigan

Yes! I want colours too. HTC are making cool coloured Windows Phones. Hopefully the M7 will carry across some of that design to their Android line.

Sean Royce

That’d be good too, but I agree with xpapas, it has been too long, if I want a phone I want the latest hardware. If there is a nexus 5 I’ll wait it out for that, otherwise I’d love me a Sony.

James Finnigan

Oh, how times have changed. People actually want Sony’s phones now? I’ve always hated Sony, but even I want an Xperia Z.

Sean Royce

I always thought they looked a bit odd, plus I’ve heard they’re dodgy as on the updates. So I never bothered, I think they’ve stepped up their game though. Hopefully it stays this way.