HTC One SV on Vodafone

It wasn’t long ago we reviewed the HTC One SV, and we thought it was a pretty decent mid-range Android handset. I certainly did.

The HTC One SV had a good amount of power and a killer battery life that just kept the phone going and going, and while it still runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (with little indication of whether it will be upgraded in future), the performance and longevity of the device won me over.

The handset I reviewed was an Optus release, but now it seems the One SV has made the jump across to Vodafone, starting at $0 on the $50/m plan, which includes unlimited calls Vodafone to Vodafone and 750mb of data, through to the more expensive plans which – obviously – include more.

There are a variety of plans available for the handset, which you can read more about here on Vodafone’s Shop page for the HTC One SV.

For some plan comparisons, [wpc stub=one-sv]check out WhistleOut’s plan listing[/wpc] to measure up every plan in their database.

Source: Vodafone.
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