In what seems like a case of someone at Google getting too trigger-happy with the ‘publish’ button, a new ad for the Nexus 7 was uploaded to the Google Nexus Youtube channel, with the cryptic title “130220 WomensTower TypeFix”. The video was immediately pulled, but not before eager fans were able to download and re-host it. Interestingly enough, the video wasn’t completely removed from the channel, but  simply set to ‘unlisted’, meaning that it’s still available to people who have the link.

The ad demonstrates the Nexus 7’s versatility in being suitable for use as a chopping board (which is a total rip-off of the iPad), and touts it as a handy companion for those who enjoy travelling.

Another little detail in the video is that the battery life is said to be 10 hours, which is interesting because the reported battery life on the product page for the tablet was recently changed from 10 hours to 8, then changed back again shortly afterwards (it still reads 8 hours at the time of writing). Does this mean that Google is confident enough in Android 4.2.2’s battery improvements to call it official?

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Bogdan Petrovan

I think it’s an early version of a promo video, judging from the low-polygon graphics. Nothing new, sadly.

Graham Bae

I was thinking that was just the art style they went with, but yeah that’s definitely plausible.

Bogdan Petrovan

The reason I say that is that similar promo for the Nexus line from a while ago, that featured similar music and graphics, but had high poly graphics.

Graham Bae

I think you’re probably right. Let’s see what they end up doing with it 🙂