HTC is very proud of their latest flagship device the HTC One and it certainly is a very beautiful looking device. To show you exactly what’s involved in building the phone and what went into the design process they’ve released a video with HTC Creative Director, Daniel Hundt and Jethro Liou, Senior Director, Manufacturing Design describing the process.

The video shows the manufacturing process, which uses custom designed CNC machining techniques to hollow out the all-aluminum frame in awesome detail. It goes to show just how much effort goes in to making these very beautiful devices. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Behind the breakthrough — Building the HTC One.

Source: HTC Youtube.
Via: TMONews.
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Mitchell Smith

Say parts again, I double dare you.


the chamfer really sound like htc is copying iphone 5..

Sean Royce

He reminds me of that pretentious bald guy from Apple.