Samsung has always been quick to venture into new territory with consumer devices. With much talk going around on the subject of ‘wearable computing’ and a rumoured iWatch apparently on the way from Apple. Young Hee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile business has confirmed in a recent interview in Seoul that they too are working on a watch :

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long. We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

The watch should be released this year as well as 3 major Smartphones which would most likely be the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 3 as well as a high end phone running Tizen, a new OS which is being worked on by Samsung, Intel and the Linux Foundation.

Samsung has previously dabbled in watches before, in fact they introduced the first phone watch, the SPH-WP10 back in 1999. This new watch that they are working on however would appear to be something more along the lines of the Pebble Smart Watch with notifications and perhaps even apps running on the device.

I stopped wearing a watch years ago, as did most people I know. I’m keen to see just how many people who purchase these new Smart Watches are still wearing them months later.

Do you still wear a watch? Do you see yourself purchasing and starting to wear a Smart Watch?

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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I hardly wear a watch at all, I do use my Motorola Motoactv every time I go for a run however… if Samsung can build a watch with the same specs and allow it to synch everything well… and be waterproof, I’ll be sold.

If it’s a watch like Sony’s Smart Watch, I’ll give it a pass as it needs to have internal storage so i can store music on it for my runs.

There’s no point having a watch if I have to take my phone with me too!

Sean Royce

This would definitely be a nice addition to my smart phone, I’d expect it to be Samsung only, but I’d hope for it to be universal.


Don’t forget the Sony SmartWatch. I was thinking about getting one of them.


Broken link in the story

Graham Bae

Ahh the Galaxy Note 3 link. Well spotted.

Andrew Palozzo

I wear a watch almost every day purely as a fashion accessory 😛

That said I purchased a pebble for a function accessory.. still waiting on the damn thing. If this samsung thing looks better, maybe i cancel the order, because i’ve waited long enough I think pebble!!

Daniel Tyson

I say keep the Pebble and eBay that sucker if you don’t want it. I just can’t wear watches, even had to get my wedding ring tattoo’d on because I couldn’t wear a ring.

Andrew Palozzo

I’m actually really keen to get my smart watch.. i can see myself using it quite a bit personally. But I can imagine samsung design will blow it out the water… maybe?

Daniel Tyson

Feature wise I could see them knocking it for 6, imagine their S-Health stuff integrated into it, so a Fitbit replacement + all the stuff you get on the Pebble + more maybe?

Andrew Palozzo

That would be very enticing for me… so long as they don’t make it galaxy hardware dependant….


I wear a watch every now and then. Would not buy one unless it was thin looked good and had real functions, today’s tech does not lend itself to replacing a phone with a phone watch.