HTC Accessories
If you’ve decided that the latest HTC flagship the HTC One will be your ‘Next’, even though the phone is possibly not due to be released till the end of April, you can now start looking into what accessories you want to buy to go with your next smart phone.

The official HTC Accessory store, has added the HTC One to its range of phones with accessories available. On the site you’ll find cases and screen protectors specifically designed for the One as well as more generic HTC Accessories such as Beats Headphones and Media Link media streamers that are also compatible with the aluminium bodied super phone. Orders from HTCAccessories are shipped locally within 24 hours of ordering, they attract a flat shipping fee of $6.80 for orders under 1.5KG and $12.00 for orders over 1.5KG

Accessories have not been the strong suit of many Android devices in the early days and it’s great to see them begin to appear even before the actual devices has begun shipping. With more and more smart phone owners choosing to upgrade their phones on a yearly cycle, this is a welcome change to the usual cycle where accessories have been appearing 6 months or more after the phone has been on the market.

Will you be purchasing the HTC One? Which accessories are you looking for?

Source: HTCAccessories.
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Huey Nguyen

Would love the double dip case in pure grey (both bottom and top caps grey, rather than top cap red and bottom cap grey). They have it on the HTC website but can’t see it anywhere to purchase.


Got it yesterday!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

Andy D

I really like the Media Link (DG H200). Really cool stuff. I also like the official HC V841 flip case, but I’m always torn about putting a case on really nice looking hardware. I’m considering trying to make a 3D printed case for mine that won’t hide the body too much whilst still protecting.