Yes, it appears the rumour-mill is at it again.  No, this time it is not the Motorola X phone, but the second coming of the Nexus 7. News agency Reuters have reported that two different sources have confirmed to them that a new Nexus 7 is in the works.  
Well, no kidding I hear you say.  

We all figured that Google would released a follow up to the successful Nexus 7.  After selling over 4.6 million of them in the second half of 2012, it’s obvious they would want to capitalise on that earlier success.  The new rumours though do have some detail.  They say that the Nexus 7 mark II, once again made by Asus, will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon onboard rather than a version of the Nvidia Tegra that the current Nexus 7 houses.

The next Nexus 7 is also reported to be sporting a higher resolution screen with a thinner bezel but that is also a no-brainer.  We all know tech moves very fast with respect to specs etc, so 12 months on I don’t doubt that the screen could be made to have a higher resolution.

The price point is rumoured to be the same as the current Nexus 7, possibly even lower. Google make money by internet advertising and by selling products on the Play Store so it makes sense for them to once again price it low to get as many of them into the hands of people as possible.

Here’s the big question though, do you think it is necessary to replace your current Nexus 7?  Do you need the higher resolution?  Would you even go down the path of the Nexus 7 again?

My answer to all of the above is yes, yes, and hell yes!  We all want a fast, higher resolution phone so why not in a tablet? What are your thoughts?

Source: Reuters.
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I normally update every two years, by then its really old, so the if Google are true to form, I’ll be getting the one that will replacing the one coming out this year. The one I got at the moment does its job quite well, so no need to upgrade … yet


Ill pick one up if its got 2gb of ram. I think thats the only thing that id really want upgrading.

The screen resolution is fine imo.

Sean Royce

Personally I think tablets are useless in this day and age, they really seem just like toys for casual games and not much else. And having bought two tablets in the past that were a complete waste of money to me, I’m going to pass.


Have to say, I’ve had a couple of tablets and each time I’ve sold them after a couple of months due to non-use. A laptop is far more useful for actually doing work, and for watching a movie or something, the current range of 4-5″ phones are more than adequate.

vijay alapati

Hmm, I’m using a 5″ from 3 years (Dell streak and Now xperia Z) and initially i felt i dont need tablet, But 6 months back i brought 7.7 tab and felt it was the perfect size, Can hold with one hand to watch movies and browse and light weight, Now i gave it to my brother and now feel that i’m missing it, u can’t always relay on phone as they run out of battery as soon as u return home (So tablet is for home 🙂 ) But i really feel that we need more tablet apps to… Read more »

Sean Royce

Exactly. I just sold my tf201 transformer the other day and sold my ipad ages ago. They’re pretty gimmicky but to each their own i guess. Laptops are still ten times more functional


I agree. I mean, I am looking at buying a ~7″ tablet, possibly the 2nd generation Nexus 7, but only to fill a gap between phone and laptop. I fully expect to its usefulness to be far less than my phone (phones are tablets, really) and my 10″ laptop. 10″ tablets seem particularly useless – they’re just as large as ultra-portable laptop/netbooks. Even if I’m just watching videos or reading the Internet, a laptop sits conveniently on my lap. Everytime I see someone with a large tablet, they either have to hold it with both hands, or lay it flat… Read more »


I’d agree if you’re talking 10″ tablets, but my Nexus 7 is in my hand about 8 hours a day. News feeds, videos, ebooks, video calling. I don’t even have time to play games on it.

Computers are unbeatable for *producing* content, but for consuming content is hard to beat something that sits in your hand about the size and weight of a paperback.

Not to mention replying to this post.

Sean Royce

As I said man, to each their own, as long as you’re enjoying it and taking advantage of it’s capabilities then have at it. Who knows, maybe if the next Nexus 7 shapes up to be impressive maybe I’ll splash out and get one. I’m doubtful though. It’d have to have 1080p, then I’d be watching moves and TV shows everywhere!

Sean Hatton

Or I might follow @twitter-187333593:disqus ‘s lead 🙂

Sean Hatton

I like my Nexus 7 but my Galaxy Tab 7.7 had just that little extra space that I felt was the right size. Having said that, I want my Android fresh and couldn’t be bothered rooting the Tab all the time… I don’t think I will upgrade to Nexus 7 mkII, but would recommend it for couch surfing and reading your blogs/facebook/emails over breakfast.

vijay alapati

agreed….i love my 7.7 perfect size with thin bezel unlike nexus 7
want to have next nexus to be 7.7 too 🙂


I love my N7 and will again be buying one of these too.


My nexus’ screen is cracked and I was considering getting it repaired/Getting a new one… Now I’m just going to wait it out and see what happens! =D

Roger Osborne

i have the 32GB wifi nexus 7 and continue to be frustrated by it’s lack of 3G4G internet so will definitely upgrade to a gen2 device, but this time with mobile internet. better battery life, and 64GB would be great, higher resolution optional for me


I’ve been feeling really dissatisfied with my N7 recently. Screen flicker, significant lag and random reboots at least once a day… I guess I only really noticed how bad the lag is after getting the N4… my previous phone was a Desire, so N7 was super smooth compared to that.

Sean Royce

I’d say the lag varies from device to device. My mums Nexus 7 is pretty much lag free. Is your device running out of space?


A Nexus 7 phablet? Yes, only if it has an SD slot. Solely onboard storage is never enough.

Sean Royce

I just have to say, I highly doubt a Nexus line product will come with an SD slot.


I doubt this will happen, no Nexus device will have a micro sd card slot with Google’s current stand of wanting everything on one single internal storage.

Greg McPherson

I can hand off my old N7 to my mum. Get a nice new one for me.


I’ve been considering replacing my 16GB/Wifi model because I keep running out of storage, but I’m holding out for the next gen for now. I’ll be looking for at least 32GB but I’d love 64GB. Somehow I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m dreaming.


32GB is obviously going to be an option since it was an option with the Nexus 7. I’m hoping for 64GB as well. I’m okay with them removing expandable storage as long as USB OTB works and I have ample inbuilt storage for apps and games. 16GB Nexus 4 is pathetic in that aspect. I have to uninstall Asphalt 7 to be able to play Need for Speed or uninstall that to be able to play Real Racing 3. It’s painful to delete these large (almost 2 gig sized games) only because I lack the internal storage to have two… Read more »


I agree – fair enough Google doesn’t like microSD, but they could at least provide options for more storage. What’s the point of full HD, if there’s not even room to store a single Blu-Ray quality movie?

There is at least a workaround, if you don’t mind connecting an external USB stick:

Geoff Fieldew

Just putting my order in here:

Snapdragon 800 with 1800Mhz LTE.
Calibrated 1920×1200 display.
Ergonomic design.
Haptic feedback.
5,500mAh battery.
1080p capable front camera.

$299 for 16GB.

Sean Royce

That’d be a steal. But with the Snapdragon 800 I’d doubt we’d see it so cheap.

Geoff Fieldew

Perhaps you’re right. I’d be happy with a 600 or even an S4 Pro, which could run 19×12 w/o breaking a sweat.

Marné Prinsloo

Forget making the screen a higher res, give it a better battery and better processor and you’ll sell millions again!


> Forget making the screen a higher res

No. Just no. Better/Bigger battery yes. But 720p isn’t going to cut it anymore. The display is the best thing about the Nexus 10. I don’t need that high a res on the new 7″ Nexus but it had better be better than 720p. Frickin’ 5″ phones have 1080p now.

Sean Royce

>Green texting
>Not on 4chan


It’s called markdown. A lot of sites and comment sections support it. I figured Disqus might as well.

Sean Royce

Lol, you sure bro?


Yeah, I’m sure, bro. It’s used on StackOverflow, Reddit, GitHub, etc. It’s a fairly
common and simple markup language, and I figured Disqus might support it as well.

This is a pointless discussion to an off-topic reply. I used ‘>’ to indicate that I’m quoting something from the previous comment. It doesn’t matter that you think I mistook Ausdroid for 4chan or what not.

Sean Royce

Lel, yeah it’s pretty pointless.

Marné Prinsloo

Our eyes can’t see the difference anymore. It’s a big hoo haa over the PPI but it really doesn’t matter. A week of battery over a big PPI number just so you can boast with ya mates any day. It’s 216ppi, maybe a little higher won’t hurt but over 300ppi I don’t care…