Anyone know of a phone that has a 720p display, run by a Adreno 320 GPU, housing a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, sporting 2GB of RAM and running pure vanilla Android? I do. And it’s not the Nexus 4 … at least, not as we know it.

I’m talking about the Motorola XT912A, codenamed “Ghost”. Everything I just said is true (as true as rumours get), but this device also has 32 GB onboard storage, and functioning LTE connectivity.

Last week, we reported on a rumour of a refreshed Nexus 4 rumoured to be appearing at Google I/O, packed with 32 GB storage capacity and LTE.

A tipster with his finger on the pulse of carriers in the US, and deeply involved in the developer community, has reported to Ausdroid that there have been mentions of this device in the testing logs of North and South American carriers. Motorola is yet to mention this phone in any capacity, leading to speculation that the refreshed Nexus 4 will actually be a phone manufactured by Motorola.

Unless you speak Vietnamese the audio on the following YouTube clip is useless – but if you can provide a translation, please send us a tip.

Snappy Dragons

The processor on this XT912A is said to be Snapdragon S4 Pro “or better” – we’re hoping its the newer version (the 600, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One), or even the Snapdragon 800. After all, if they’re refreshing the phone with storage why not refresh the CPU as well?

Earlier this week, a Qualcomm Senior Product Manager was quoted as saying that “mass production for the Snapdragon 800 will start in late May”, although he didn’t state which devices will use the chip.

Personally I feel that late May is probably too late for this device – if we’re expecting a release at Google I/O – although my source tells me the fabled Motorola X Phone will be announced in July – a timeline which fits perfectly for that processor.

Salt Lick

Consider this with your usual grain (or bag) of salt, but November’s Nexus 7 upgrades and Eric Schmidt’s recent comments about a “6 month cycle” may foreshadow a nice surprise coming at Google I/O. It would also explain why there’s a Motorola phone that looks like the Nexus 4 in a tech blogger’s hands in Vietnam.

Normally, we’d ask a question here. This is so far out there, we’re just declaring open season on comments. Give us your thoughts on the rumour!

Thanks: Unnamed Source.
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Ben Liu

err.. You do realise that the code XT912 is actually the North American version of the original Droid RAZR (compared to the International/Aus version of XT910)? This is obviously a fake calling it XT912A


My Vietnamese is a little rusty, but I think he is saying ‘you crazy westerners will believe any old crap we throw out on the internet,’ over and over again while throwing in a few spec phrases in English.


Crazy CS

Did anyone notice the phones in the video have the date 13th March?

The first 30 seconds translated:
Hello friends in my hand i have a Motorola…. that looks very weird/strange/different. It’s quite pretty like an iphone, it looks like an iphone but it’s not an iphone, it takes pictures very well. (No joke).

Elliot Kotis

Moto won’t get a Nexus for a while, Google dont want to upset the other OEM’s. Plus previous rumors of the Nexus 4 LTE 32GB variant are most likely true.

David Anderton

Looks awesome but doubt it will be called a nexus 4


Might fit in with the “no android 5.0 release” rumours for I/O. Maybe they will keep this, and a possible upgraded Nexus 7, on Android 4.2 and save Key Lime Pie for the Xphone/nexus 5 or whatever it ends up being, sometime in the coming months…

Greg McPherson

Come one you guys on Victoria St Richmond!
What’s he talking about?
What’s with him squeezing the phone and the screen seemingly bending a bit?

If this is a fundamentally decent phone, TIMN. I like it’s size and construction.


If it is really the phone we saw very long before on the rumours. Which means we can have more expectation for the xphone.

Alex D

I think this could be considered the X Phone – a nexus upgrade, simply for the fact of the issues LG originally had with the Nexus 4 around the globe which tainted both LG and Google to a certain extent.


Nexus and XPhone are totally different product line. I don’t think it can be called XPhone.

Alex D

Yeah but when you think about it, the XPhone utilises the one product line logo – the X of nexus and the colours. I think Xphone was just the code name to be exact, but only time will tell

Trent Hill

I didn’t see a volume rocker on this thing, the power button appears to be the only hardware button.

David Anderton

yeh very strange, if Android start to make the volume rocker on screen I will be very pissed off.

Alex D

hmmm could be something that could make me upgrade too. Wonder if it will come to Australia and if it will only be sold via the play store or by carriers or both. Interesting though


I’d be up for a gander if such a thing exists 🙂