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The Nexus 4 has proven that LG can produce a quality phone, delivering a high spec well made product and it seems that despite inital issues with delays on supply of the Nexus 4 Google is happy enough with LG to begin talks with LG about producing the next Nexus phone.

A story appearing in The Korea Times about a visit to Korea by Google CEO Larry Page, reports that he met with executives from LG where they are believed to have discussed a number of topics including ‘ways to improve their business partnership’ as well as developing products such as an LG-Google OLED TV. Also in discussion was LG’s Patented head-mounted display technology and the next Nexus phone, with The Korea Times going so far as to say ‘Currently, the consumer electronics arm of LG Group is working with Internet-giant Google to make another Nexus-branded Google Android smartphone’.

The Korean Electronics giant certainly has the manufacturing facilities and technology to help Google in key areas that they are interested in. With Google still keen to push into the Living Room through products such as Google TV, LG can certainly help in that respect being one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world. They have also proven they can supply fully realised products such as a new Nexus phone and with key patents in head-mounted display technology it could certainly advance one of the most highly anticipated products from Google.

There has been pretty good acceptance of the Nexus 4 and its fraternal twin the Optimus G and LG Televisions certainly sell well. So partnering with LG for a range of products would make a lot of sense for Google. So far the release of Nexus phones has come at the end of the year so we are still at least five to six months away from hearing anything official, but until then the rumours will continue.

What are your thoughts on a new LG Nexus?

Source: TheKoreaTimes.
Via: UnwiredView.
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Tim Marshall

great.. the nexus 4 seemed really nice with its camera as a fatal flaw. fix that and Im in (even without LTE!)

Sujay Vilash

Why is HTC in the purgatory ? Didn’t they make the first Nexus device ? So why are they not being given another chance ? Might also save their bacon. Google really should support other manufacturers as they support Google.

Daniel Tyson

HTC made the Nexus One.

But something(I`m not sure what) happened, basically the Nexus One never got the love of the other Nexus phones received – See Factory Images page.

I asked JBQ once if he knew what was happening with the Nexus One and he replied that he wasn’t able to comment, which sounds to me like something happened in the background.

James Finnigan

I would love to see another HTC-made Nexus. I would buy it so hard! But as Daniel said, pretty sure something went on behind the scenes, and if I had to guess it would be something along the lines of bootloader shenanigans. IIRC, the Nexus One was the only Nexus not to support bootloader re-locking.


Why LG make again? I don’t like Korean’s mobile phone

Daniel Tyson

Google did say that when choosing the next manufacturer they go with the company making the most exciting developments. Looks like they may think that LG is doing this. I personally would say Sony is doing more interesting stuff with Ingress Protection(IP) i.e waterproof/dustproofing their high end phones but that’s just me.

John Chung 哥

u dont like dont buy


It’s none of you business. SB

Brad H

Nexus 4 is proof that LG do good. I’m more than accepting to hear that the next Nexus phone will probably be an LG product.

Joshua Hill

LG upheld their contract with Google. The delays were Googles fault for underestimating demand and not contracting LG to make enough phones. Statements such as ‘despite inital issues with delays on supply of the Nexus 4 Google is happy enough with LG to begin talks with LG’ are either sloppy journalism or deliberately misleading.

Joshua Hill

I thought I may have been harsh on the author so I checked both sources provided in the article and viewed a number of stories from other tech / android sites and none of them mentioned the nexus 4 shortage, let alone implied it was LG’s fault.

Daniel Tyson

Thanks, I do believe there were delays and who was behind those delays has never been established. Unless your statement ‘LG upheld their contract with Google’ is coming from you as an LG employee intimately involved with the negotiation process between Google and LG, in which case we will definitely be quoting you on that.

It is definitely something that should be taken into account and just because another news site has not mentioned it should not amount to being told my post is sloppy or deliberately misleading.

Joshua Hill

You just admitted that ‘who was behind those delays has never been established’ so why are you implying it was LG’s fault? Implying something which you admit can’t be proved is sloppy journalism.

The fact that nobody else has seen fit to mention irrelevant and unprovable statements is evidence that you are the only person with journalistic integrity or the only one without it.

Daniel Tyson

I don’t know whether to be offended by that last paragraph or not.

Joshua Hill

It was never my original intention to offend. I believe the statement I quoted could have benefited from a re-edit or even better removal from the article as it was implying something that you’ve since stated can’t be proved either way. I doubt this was intentional so I put it down to being ‘sloppy’ or making a mistake.

Since you couldn’t see the relevance in my statement about the other articles on this news item I provided the two possible interpretations of such a statement. Only you can answer if you consider yourself a journalist with integrity.

Peter C

The fact I had to wait for 3 months for my Nexus 4, then LG and Google engaged in a he said, she said battle of who was to blame for the delay is testament to the fact that this fact SHOULD be included in this story.

In terms of sloppy journalism, could you point me to where you write so we can review your articles and accuse you of the same?

Joshua Hill

I agree with your first paragraph @e50140d4258a031322addef26abe3e1e:disqus. This was not what was stated in the article. I will re quote what was stated ‘despite inital issues with delays on supply of the Nexus 4 Google is happy enough with LG to begin talks with LG ‘. Such a statement clearly implies LG was at fault for the delays. It does not state what you said, that there were delays but we don’t know whose fault it was.

I do not write on the web, apart from commenting on articles, where you are most welcome to disagree with me.

Brendan Rumbold

Didn’t LG just purchase webOS for use in its TV’s? Doesn’t sound right that they are now planning google TV products

Daniel Tyson

They’ve been planning Google TV products for a while.


LG have launched Google TV’s in the US for the last couple of years. They are very good actually – another Google product not available outside the US.


Skip the glass back. It was a bad idea with the iPhone, and was still a bad idea for the nexus. If it wasn’t for the glass back, I’d be running my nexus 4 naked, like how I ran my galaxy nexus.

Sean Royce

Agreed, although I love holding my glass Nexus 4.

James Finnigan

Also agreed. It looks amazing, but the glass back is pretty much the only reason that I didn’t buy one. I drop my phones all the time, and I didn’t want to wind up with a broken phone and a broken heart. And I don’t want to buy a beautiful phone, only to wrap it up in an ugly case.

Sean Royce

You have no idea bro, I’ve been caressing this phone so much the past week because my case and screen protector hasn’t arrived yet. I almost used my HTC Wildfire while I went out to leave the N4 at home.

Jason Lockart

Sony or HTC please.

James Finnigan

I would like to see Sony build a Nexus actually, and especially considering how much they’re contributing to AOSP lately, they definitely deserve it.