When I first got my Chromebook I was very disappointed that it didn’t have bluetooth.  I use my stereo bluetooth (A2DP) headphones quite a bit to listen to music so the lack of bluetooth was an annoyance, albeit a minor one.  Just as Android didn’t have A2DP in the first iterations of the OS neither has ChromeOS.  

Well, that is now changing.  

François Beaufort, Chromium Evangelist, posted on Google+ that “Experimental support for Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile aka A2DP has been added in Chrome OS Dev“.  He suggests that if you have A2DP bluetooth headphones/speakers you test it out and report any bugs you may encounter.

Now all I need is a Chromebook with bluetooth.  The Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook does not have the necessary bluetooth hardware, but the Samsung Series 3 is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible.

Source: François Beaufort Google+.
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    Michael Reville

    That is excellent news! How long do these features usually take to reach stable? How much data would it take to switch to dev channel?

    Scott Plowman

    from what I’ve read, assuming no major bugs that need extra time squashing, it seems most of these only take a few weeks to arrive at the stable channel