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Most people who have owned a Nexus One, a Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus 4 will know and love the functionality that the RGB notification light brings to their device. The lack of notification light from the Nexus 7 was a glaring omission at the time of its release, but it appears that Google may be about to remedy that situation.

Twitter user Cesi D’Alessio noticed that in the latest video from Google announcing Hangouts, Google shows a Nexus 7 receiving a notification which is illustrated by showing a notification LED lighting up. This notification light, which is not included on the current iteration of the Nexus 7 shows up at the 21 second mark of the video below.

The notification light has saved me from missing notifications many times, if I do not hear the sound of a notification arriving while the screen is off I get a constant reminder of the notification through the LED even with the screen off. Being able to assign different colours to notifications, as well as different flashing speeds and timing for different apps is a fantastic advantage that Nexus phones have over others in my opinion.  

The Nexus 7 Mk II which failed to emerge at this years keynote address at Google IO has been rumoured to carry a new HD 1920×1200 screen as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. When the device will actually emerge is unknown but the one year anniversary of the Nexus 7, is due to coincide with the release of the newly announced Google edition Samsung Galaxy S4, so that would be a very good time to announce two new devices.

Do you think this is really the next Nexus 7?  Do you like the idea of a notification light on a tablet?

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    If they came out with a tablet with 4:3 aspect ratio running 4.3 .. that would be epic


    As the galaxy s2 had the same problem I found the app called noLed to be fantastic and still use it on my note 2, the icons on the display tell you exactly what’s waiting

    Andrew Palozzo

    I just sold my nexus 10 and broken nexus 7 with the idea that a new nexus 7 would be announced at io…

    Hurry up Google I’m tabletless until you do!! 😛

    also I wouldn’t mind if it was like one inch wider and thinner 🙂

    Sean Royce

    Tablets are gimmicky, I don’t know why you need one so badly.

    Andrew Palozzo

    It’s easier and faster to consume content. Multiple panes, more text, easier to scroll / read.

    No one needs one… but they are very nice to have, and I miss mine. :'(

    Sean Royce

    I don’t miss mine. Sold an iPad 2 and a Transformer Prime. I had no use. A laptop is still 10x more productive.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Agree.. but not even close to as portable or easy to hold / use.


    errrrr, I think that’s just a silhoutte of her moving in front of a bright wall reflected in the camera lens

    Duncan Jaffrey

    Give me a nexus 8


    The photo looks like a flash reflecting of a current nexus 7 camera opening. But the video looks convincing.


    Yep. That’s a new Google tablet.

    SYD Harry

    Notification light is always helpful.

    I hope Google will release the next 7″ Nexus tablet in between July and September with Keye Lime Pie.!!


    Lol I like how tech sites get over dramatic and exaggerate on every little detail. This whole promo was animated. So, no this isn’t the next Nexus.


    considering that at 23rd second in the video when they show the tablet being held by the girl, it surely looks larger than a 7 inch device, you could be right!

    That’s not a 7 inch nexus. Anybody else think so?


    I think they will hold it over for android 4.3 release in a month or two