White Nexus 4
Looks like the White variant of the Nexus 4 is getting very close to release with Android Police today receiving press shots of the White Nexus 4. The device which has been teased since last year and sighted as early as January this year, has been labelled as the LG-E960W – the original Nexus 4 is the LG-E960 – and is tipped to launch on the 10th of June along with Android 4.3.

Android Police also advise that the person who supplied the press shots has told them that the white variant will not come in a 32GB variant and the only offerings will remain in the 8GB or 16GB variants. From all accounts the date of June 10th was correct when it the White Nexus 4 was spotted at Google IO, however as Android Police note, plans can definitely change.

Google has generally launched a new version of Android with reference hardware and a launch of a white Nexus 4, refreshed Nexus 7 alongside the June 26th launch of a ‘Google Edition’ Galaxy S4 would be a great way to launch Android 4.3 don’t you think?

What do you think of a White Nexus 4? When do you think it will launch?

Source: AndroidPolice.
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vijay alapati

Make the bazel white like iphone or SGS 4 else no fool will buy it.


I was really hoping for a 32gb model.

16 really isnt enough once you get a few photos and videos on there. I thought I could survive on 16 but its getting a bit hard now.

Sean Royce

I don’t know why they’re releasing one so late into the year when the S4 pro is almost outdated now.


Oh, they’re going with the Panda look?

Daniel Tyson

It shall henceforth be referred to as the Panda Nexus 4.


pointless since the front isn’t white…the black one with a white hard case like the one from nikkon looks much better