The rumour train surrounding the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy Note III is gathering momentum. The latest rumours or leaks are around the specs of the device; firstly it’s going to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which is leading the way in processing power while still remaining battery friendly.

The more interesting of the rumours from a user perspective is probably the information regarding the camera in the device. The information suggests that the rear facing camera will not only be a 13MP camera, which will obviously lend itself to good photos, but it will also have Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) built into the software.

What’s got a lot of people curious is how Samsung plan to include optical zoom in a mobile phone. Despite the likely size of the Galaxy Note III, that’s a lot of hardware to get in a fairly small space.

You read that correctly: optical zoom in a mobile device. While the size of the Galaxy Note range is a deterrent for a lot of users, optical zoom is a feature by itself that will certainly become a headline selling feature for the device.

With all the rumours flying around which one interests you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ZD Net.
Via: Droid Life.
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I recall seeing an article a couple of years back about a deformable lens technology being worked on. Optical zoom for mobile phone cameras was the primary commercial use proposed. If it’s ready now, that’s great!


Can’t wait!


I find it odd that they arnt pushing Exynos down everyones throats.

Also where did you get optical zoom from? its not in your sources and I havent heard anything about that anywhere else. I dont think it would be very hard to do but it wont be anything substantial.

I just imagine it will be the same/similar sensor as the S4 in the end and that isnt a bad thing either.


I trek quite often and I would love a large note with a good camera and zoom…the perfect companion.

Sean Royce

Read this on a couple of sites now, although they’re still just rumours. Interesting nonetheless.

Timothy Westman

Any rumors on the timing?

I am currently off contract and am using the i9305.

Keen to see what is on offer.

Phil Tann

I’m expecting a late Sept – early Nov announcement. The Snapdragon processors aren’t in mass production yet if my reading is correct so it would be foolish to launch before they have abundant supplies.