The Commonwealth bank has today updated their popular Kaching banking app for Android to include two major new features, a BPAY QR code reader as well as the ability to change the PIN on their card and activate a new card.

The BPAY QR Code feature is now available on bills from Australian Power & Gas as well as Sydney Water who will be providing QR codes on bills, statements and notices that will enable payments to be accepted using the CommBank Kaching QR code reader.

The Kaching app will now offer customers the ability to activate new keycards, Debit MasterCards or credit cards directly from the Kaching app. A feature that will save many a trip to their local Commonwealth bank. The new update also includes the ability to change PIN on their cards, a feature that has been very popular on NetBank.

The complete list of new features in this update :

  • Card Activation
  • Card PIN change
  • Simple balance opt-in during registration
  • Card Number embossing
  • QR code Reader

The Commonwealth bank has advised that with this update to the Kaching App, they will require you to accept a new permission – to use the camera for the QR code reader – so you’ll have to manually update the app in Google Play after accepting the new permission, existing customers will NOT need to re-register in Kaching.

If you’re a Commonwealth bank customer, head over to Google Play to update the app or install it on your device and check out the new features. Of course we’d love NFC Payments to be included but I guess that will just have to wait a little while longer.


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    Brad H

    NFC is out of the question for all banks. It’s the only secure element in Android. Complain to Google about that.

    Kaching is easily the best app out of all the banks apps. I’ve never had one single issue with it. Fast and friendly.

    Daniel Tyson

    They’re all utilising NFC/Secure Element in SIM cards for their trials so it’s not out of the question.

    Brad H

    Common man, you know what I meant. I meant the actual NFC chip built into phones.


    Sadly for me, it won’t run if i have other apps that come over the screen. like go sms,swiftkey, etc (rooted gnex)


    edit.. it was the way halo was operating. all good..

    Taufiq Khan

    Unfortunately the way android NFC is set up, CBA don’t have secure access to store your credit card details somewhere other apps can’t get a hold of it..


    sad about the no NFC 🙁 haha

    Morgan Archer

    Still no NFC payments 🙁