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For those of use who like to use the history tab of their browser it has been annoying that Chrome lacked a dedicated history tab/button/shortcut.  We have had to make do with a shortcut to chrome://history to access that article you read yesterday or some other time in the past.  The good news for those of us who are easily annoyed by little things like this is that a solution just may be on the way.  The Chrome UX team are experimenting with a recents tab on the New Tab Page.  For those adventurous users out there this can be seen on the latest build of Chromium and can be downloaded from here.


In other news:

  • PNG wallpapers are now supported in the Developer channel, hopefully coming soon to a stable channel near you!
  • A notification is now shown in the notification centre when an external device is plugged in- developer channel only.
  • Google+ Photos app released- this app can show you a preview, with rotation controls, easy access to sharing and album creation features, and metadata along the right including maps, tags, dimensions and camera data. It also allows for offline viewing of recently uploaded photos that have been cached.  Interestingly the app description in the Chrome Web Store says “Only available for the Chromebook Pixel” and yet I had no issues downloading and installing onto my Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 and there have been reports of people installing successfully on the Samsung Series 3 Chromebooks.


With so many updates and new features coming to Chrome every week hopefully we will see Chromebooks making more of an inroad into the PC market.  It may take a while but eventually it will happen.

Source: Google+ PhotosFrançois Beaufort Google+.