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The cat is out of the bag most definitely now.  We have seem so many unofficial leaks of the Moto X, as well as a few official leaks from Motorola themselves but today there have been not one, but two shots of the Moto X out in plain sight in the hands of some of the biggest players in the mobile industry.  

First up,Rick Osterloh, a Senior Vice President of Motorola Mobility was filmed by Robert Scoble – through Google Glass – at an event hosted by Guy Kawasaki which was originally thought to be the announcement of the Moto X.  It turns out that the event was more of an unofficial get together to let people get a look at the device before its official release.

The other leak came from one of Google bigwigs, Eric Schmidt.  At the Allen & Co. business conference in Sun Valley, Idaho yesterday. It seems that he wasn’t even trying to keep the Moto X under wraps, showing the phone off with no pretense of secrecy. Possibly a plan by Google and Motorola to perhaps build more hype in the lead up to it’s eventual release.

It’s getting to the stage where I want Motorola to just announce the phone and put us all out of our misery; with the amount of leaks and hype surrounding it, the phone had better be something special  I can’t wait to see if it really is a truly great experience as reported, even with last years hardware.

What are your thoughts on the Moto X design from the video and Pics above? What are your predictions for the Moto X?

Source: Android AuthorityMobileSyrup.
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Darren White

Show me the spec. Moto blur and I walk away

Sean Royce


Darren White

Why?? Or does your vocabulary stop at two syllables


I can see a Power Button and Volume up and Down button on the side, a LED Flash, a mono speaker grille, and it’s at least 10mm thick at its widest point.

Maybe the Moto X is not going to be the revolutionary device that Schmidt promised 6 months ago.

The swell of the device around the camera hints at a very good camera, though the remarkable Nokia 1020 has slapped Moto around and then pounced on the title of “Greatest Smartphone Camera Ever”.

If this is truly the Moto X Phone, then paint me disappointed.


My first thought was he’s using the HTC One. What will save this phone is if it runs Vanilla Android.


It apparently doesn’t run vanilla android but very close to it. I have no ides what will save this device. Maybe the marketing budget?
Joe public just believe what the ads tell them ala apple being revolutionary.

Latest rumour has the price at being around the $500 which is a bit steep IMO for last years hardware. So it won’t be price that saves it.

I too am disappointed. That is tempered by a genuine hope that the nexus 5 will be the g2 (totally unrelated but it means I have a phone to look forward to)


Definitely not 10mm. Maybe 8, just compare the thickness to the earphone-plug