If you’re an Android developer based in or around Sydney, you should consider joining the Google Developer Group (GDG) Sydney Meetup Group.

This month’s GDG Meetup in July 30 sees two Android presentations:

Ankur Kotwal, an Android Developer Advocate at Google, will be discussing Whats new and important in Android. This presentation seems especially timely, given the Google event scheduled for July 24 at which we’re expecting to see Android 4.3 unveiled.

Darren Younger will also be speaking about Near Field Communication (NFC) and how to use it to “bring your apps into the physical world” beyond just facilitating mobile payments, offering a chance to learn how businesses including Canon, Samsung and Telstra are starting to use NFC and the results they’re achieving.

There’s not many spots remaining at the moment, but if you join the group now you’ll ensure you don’t get left out of the next meet. Of course, you can also use the Meetup App to ensure you’re kept in the loop, too!

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    Mo Kargas

    I think I need to move to Syd. There’s nothing like this in Adelaide