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The HTC One family looks set to get that bigger brother they always wanted, with photos of the HTC One Max leaking out. The Mega-phone/Phablet/Tweener has shown off its 5.9″ display in some shots that show the design language of the HTC One will continue into the larger form factor.

With the same design, that brings along the same front mounted Boom Sound speakers, the HTC One Max appears to be in the same aluminium body that is encasing the HTC One as well as its smaller brother the HTC One Mini, although it does appear to be missing the plastic bezel that the HTC One Mini has. It also still has the two capacative button layout of the HTC One series with the HTC logo smack bang in the middle.

Spec wise the HTC One Max, previously known by the code name ‘T6’ has been rumoured with to have a 5.9″ 1920x1080P Screen powered by a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2GB RAM, camera wise, the HTC One Max should come with a front facing 2.1MP cambera as well as the same UltraPixel module from the HTC One and as it’s a larger form factor there should be no issue installing the Optical Image Stabilisation that was left out of the HTC One Mini. Battery wise you should be able to get through at least a full day with the 3,300mAh one installed. Storage will be in 16/32GB options and if sources are correct a microSD card slot could be included making every HTC fans dreams come true.

The one thing that has stuck with the HTC One Max, or T6 since the rumours of its existence started circulating, is that the phone will launch with Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie). The general consensus has been one of skepticism, and I agree; newer versions of Android have always launched with a piece of reference hardware which ever since January 2010, has been via a Nexus handset.

It’s hard to say if this means the unit will launch in around October/November after the announcement/release of the next Nexus phone or indeed if this could be the next Nexus – just throwing that rumour in there for fun – but if it’s released soon after the next Nexus it would be a record breaker for an OEM releasing a phone with a new version of Android on-board and being a HTC phone a skinned version at that.

Will you buy a HTC One Max? Do you think HTC will launch the One Max with Key Lime Pie or is it just wishful thinking?

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Via: GSMArena.
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I wonder if this is the beginning of the One as a standing model name. The same way that Apple does it and that Google has moved towards with Nexus 7 (2012) / Nexus 7 (2013) and publicly mentioning the “next” Nexus 10. We can assume the next Nexus phone will be a Nexus 4 (2013). Will we see a refresh of the entire One series next year that will keep the One (One/One Mini/One Max) name and just update specs, add features? Will Sony follow on and capitalise on the Xperia Z brand recognition? Motorola too? If so, about… Read more »

vijay alapati

why not make it just 5″ (:


Only if HTC introduces more productivity features (i.e multi-window/pen support) with the Sense package on this would it compete with the better value proposition that the Note 3 would bring. Else, this would just be another enlarged phone and/or media player (not even that if microSD isn’t supported).


Suits me.

I think I used that gimmicky pen about 3 times.


Good job HTC,now bring it on nokia.. Bring out the LUMIA

SYD Harry

I hope One Max will be released after Note III released in September 4th. Almost Max and Note III should have the same specs.!!