Having been apart of Ausdroid for three years now, there have been plenty of moments that I’ve been extra proud of what we do and what we’ve achieved, but none like this.

Last week, we ran a raffle to give away a Nexus 7 (2013). From reading Geoff’s review, I want one myself, but sadly, I couldn’t win. But many of you could win, and many of you bought raffle tickets to see if it might be you. In fact, we sold 422 tickets — yes, four hundred and twenty two. At five dollars a pop, that means we’ve raised $2,110 for our charity, and this will go a huge way towards achieving some of our goals for this financial year; having had kids spend time in intensive care myself, I know how horrible an experience it can be, and I’m not alone on the Ausdroid team in this — Phil, too, has spent more than his fair share of time in hospitals with his son Alex, and that’s what we want to help.

It’s a worthy cause if ever there was one, and we’re pleased as punch that you’ve helped us raise over two thousand dollars last week.

But, enough of the prelude. This was a raffle, and it means someone has to win.

Drawing method

As each raffle ticket (or group of tickets) was issued, we made a note of the purchaser’s name, and assigned sequential ticket numbers to each in chronological order, so the first ticket was ticket #1, and the last #422. Elementary stuff.

We then printed 422 tickets of equal size, and threw them in a large container and shook it about for awhile, mixed it with a wooden spoon for a bit, threw it around the room a little for some extra randomness, then drew the winning number from the box.

The winner is….

The winning ticket was number #389, purchased by Yu Li of Sydney, NSW on 23 August at 11.13am as a group of four tickets. We’ve been in touch with Yu to award him his prize, and we’ll be delivering it soon.

To everyone who didn’t win, I would like to extend a huge thanks to you, on behalf of the Ausdroid team, and the Ausdroid Community Foundation, for supporting the work we do. We know it sucks to enter a competition and not win, but the reality is someone has to win, and it can’t be everyone.

But in a way, a cheesy way, you all can, and you all have. You’ve helped us to do something we want to do, and that’s beneficial for the community at large, and that’s not something that everyone can say they’ve done.

As always, we promise to run more competitions and raffles in future, so there’s always more things to be won from us at Ausdroid.

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Awesome stuff ausdroid and big congrats to Yu Li..


Good stuff Ausdroid and congrats Yu Li!
More raffles like this please. 🙂

Yu Li

Thanks guys and Thank you Ausdroid!! Much appreciated.
I’m so proud of us that we’ve raised over $2000 for the charity.
Well done everyone and Thanks again.


Lucky Yu Li. Enjoy your new Nexus 🙂


Congrats Yu! Enjoy your new gadget 🙂