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While they’re not listed on the exhibitor list at IFA, nor listed to hold a press conference at IFA this week, it appears that Asus is definitely looking to launch a new tablet.

The above image has been tweeted and Facebooked by Asus with the tagline ‘We transform your mobility! Yes, a new generation is coming, but of which product?’

This image was preceded by the below tweet/image which asks about your favourite trio :

While the ‘4 Days to go tweet’ certainly looks to be a new tablet, the ‘5 Days to go tweet’ could possibly be a combination notepad/computer/food tray?! With some of the products from Asus often coming out seeming a little ‘out there’ it’s even possible, although more likely that it’s ‘lifeproof’ or carries some form of ingress protection like many of the tablets/phones we’re seeing released these days.

So, what will Asus unveil and where? We look forward to finding out.

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