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Three Australia, the company that once spearheaded low-cost mobile services on the (then) new 3G network, has finally closed the last of its doors, with the mobile services of its last remaining customers being deactivated last Friday 30 August 2013.

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise for Three’s customers or telco insiders, but if there are any Three customers who’ve been living under rocks or in far and away places, they’ll be noticing from 30 August that their services have stopped working and are showing ‘SOS Only’.

If you are one of these customers who hasn’t ported away from Three yet, you might be wondering if you can still port your services to Vodafone or any other telco. Tim at VHA has posted the following on Whirlpool:

Just a heads up for anyone with any last minute regrets we’ve extended how long your old 3 numbers will exist in our system for this week.

You’ve definitely lost the service, but the number remains in a state that can be ported. So right now anyone who still wants to move their service can do that. But the extension this week is a one off, we’re not extending it further and after that services are gone forever.

So even though you’re showing SOS only we can still help you move. But only for a couple of days.

So it’s not all is too bad if you are still wanting to transfer your number/service from Three to Vodafone or another telco, but you only have a couple of days to do so. You can also use our comparison partner, WhistleOut, to choose a deal that might be right for you.

Source: Whirlpool.
Via: Vodafone.