October platform distribution

The Android Developer dashboard has been updated with the latest platform version statistics for September. Jellybean is taking over, not as quickly as Android purists would like but it now commands an healthy 48.6% of thee Android distribution numbers across the three versions currently available to consumers (4.1.x,4.2.x and 4.3) which, given the enormity of the Android platform is a significant growth in install base over last months 45.1% marketshare.

Android 4.3 marks it’s entrance into the statistics with 1.5% market share of a 1 Billion device pool, which is set to grow with leaked Android 4.3 builds for the popular Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II phones appearing in the last couple of days.

The biggest issue currently plaguing the Android platform is Gingerbread (2.3), which has fallen 2.2% down to 28.5% but still accounts very significant chunk of Android users who are multiple version behind the current release. The good news flowing on from this is that Froyo has dropped .2 % to 2.2% and Icecream Sandwich is down from 21.7% to 20.6% which is not an insignificant drop either given the volume of Android devices already in the market.

As for screen resolution on the tablets on the market, there’s been very little movement from last months figures with the largest .6% increase being in the xxhdpi displays.

October Screen breakdown

What do you make of the latest Android figures? Is the platform heading in the right direction?

Source: Android Developer Console.
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    vijay alapati

    With in few years u will find jellybean handsets getting remained, there are lot of low end phones releasing, this applies to win phone too ๐Ÿ™


    Those of us who don’t want a 5″ monstrosity of a phone are forced to get a midrange handset that usually never gets updated. There are likely a lot of us.






    Wrong I have a nexus 4. But.if you don’t like large phones buy a small screen iPhone


    This just shows that 28% of android users are very poor and can’t afford the half decent phones already on jelly bean. Also most gingerbread users are of the female gender who are technologically challenged and don’t know how to update.

    Ian Tester

    Gingerbread is the Windows XP of Android releases.


    Ha ha! That is so true!


    There’s three problems in getting Gingerbread to simply go away.
    How long manufacturers kept making Gingerbread handsets.
    How many of these are 2 or 3 year contract handsets.
    How FEW of these have received an update to ICS or JB.


    There arnt that many new devices with gingerbread also a lot of people dont want to do the update because you lose a lot of information. I know a few people that dont do it because they are too lazy to backup.


    I agree that now, manufacturers are finally no longer releasing new devices with GB. But considering that 6 to 12 months back new devices with GB were being released, that generates a hardware backlog that needs updating to JB. Most ordinary users don’t have a rooted device, derp. without root you can’t do a comprehensive apps and data backup. So for ordinary users, upgrading means losing data. So it isn’t laziness that is the real stumbling block. And even for users who know what they are doing and have rooted their current devices to make the backups, if you can’t… Read more ยป