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Nexus 10 Baby

There’s been a flurry of rumours and renders recently about a new Nexus 10 tablet, as you’d expect at the one year anniversary of the availability of the original Nexus 10 (13 November 2012). Ausdroid has been ignoring much of the speculation and “artist interpretations”, because we try to only bring you probable and strong rumours, rather than every render that someone bakes up at home and then tries to pass off as the real deal.

Many sites are publishing material that they claim to be leaks of a new Nexus 10 (apparently due to be released on November 22) and despite an earlier debunk the “leaks” seem to keep coming. We thought we’d round them up here and see if any of them can pass a bit of scrutiny from ourselves and our well informed readers.


Nexus 10 2013

This image popped up a few days ago on Reddit, with the poster claiming to work for carrier Telefonica in the UK, saying the image was in their database, but has since been removed.

Upon closer inspection, the device pictured seems to be missing a number of items that you’d see in a real image of a tablet – the top status bar is missing, there’s a pretty small number of icons on screen for a 10-inch tablet, the wallpaper is stolen from the Nexus 5 (the Nexus 10 would have a unique wallpaper) and a few other small items that just seem wrong.

Telefonica issued a statement saying that this image isn’t theirs, and that they have no knowledge of an impending update to the Nexus 10.



Initially, this leak looks the goods – it could be a legitimate leak, an early publish or a mistaken embargo break. Again appearing on Reddit, it purports to be a product description and specification sheet from Tesco, a major UK retailer.

There was also a neat specs list provided:
Nexus 10 Leak On Tesco

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Looking closer, it would seem that someone has taken the Nexus 7 page and composited in rumoured Nexus 10 specifications. There’s a few odd font choices, the product dimensions are that of the Nexus 7, the product name has a trailing ‘.’ that no other products on Tesco’s site have, and the title tag (shown in the Chrome tab) says 32GB while the product heading says 16GB.

Many Android sites that ran the story have now deleted their articles.

The LG Rumour


We’ve also seen rumours that a new Nexus 10 will be manufactured by LG instead of Samsung.

Notably, the device “pictured” in this image seems to be the same seen in the “Telefonica leak” above – which if you’ll recall has been debunked and denied.

These rumours seem quite plausible given the cooperation between Google and LG for the last couple of Nexus phones, but LG hasn’t been in the tablet game for a while. This is of course changing now with the recently-announced LG G Pad, adding further fuel to this particular fire.


There have been a few other computer screen shot “leaks” from other retailers that have then apparently been removed by the retailer after realising that it shouldn’t be public knowledge – or, so the common story goes from those posting the images.

There have been no confirmed sightings as of yet of a 2013 model Nexus 10. We don’t even know if there will be a new Nexus 10, as sales have been a touch lackluster according to industry insiders. Compared to the booming sales of the Nexus 7 – both 2012 and 2013 models – perhaps Google has changed its mind?

Until we see an actual photograph of one (or Google announces/releases it) the future of the Nexus 10 remains a mystery.

We’ll all still be refreshing Google Play every five minutes on November 22, though just in case…

Are you interested in an update to the Nexus 10? Would you prefer a Nexus 8? Let us know in the comments!

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Satwik Kamatmehbro

they better release a nexus 10- I’ve been waiting months for this! >:)!


Its getting late to get an unrumoured tablet out in time for Christmas – they may miss it this year.

Two competing thoughts:

1. The GEL launcher has quality or stability issues in landscape or tablet mode. Hence ‘nexus 5 exclusive’.

2. Given the lack of uptake of their first larger tablet, and Apple’s best-specced tablet this year being the mini we’ll see 10″ tablets take a back seat until there’s more interesting hardware technology – read “screens” – available to make an impact with.