Dead Zebra - Series 4
This is the last in the previews of the Android Series 4 Android Mini’s from Dead Zebra that are set to be released Friday morning at 11am PST – 6am AEDT on Saturday morning.

First up is a Primal themed ‘Caveman’ which will appear in the cases in a 1/16 ratio.

Next up is the ‘Track Star’, which will also appear in a 1/16 ratio in the cases. Featuring a very sweet tracky and pair of glasses accessory, this is a cool looking Droid.
Track Star

Of course that’s not to say that’s all the designs that will appear in Series 4 have been seen, in fact in every series there are a couple of random collectible Androids included, but only one per box. So, Series 4 looks like this :

Now, who’s up for some Android Figure goodness on Saturday morning?

Source: Dead Zebra.
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    Where would I be finding such collectable goodness?

    Daniel Tyson

    On the Dead Zebra website Good Sir – – this link will be updated when the Series 4 Androids go on-sale.


    In yesterday’s Ausdroid post on this subject.
    Meet the Androids – Core Dump and a Golden Android & news on MEGA Android release