November 2013
The start of a new month has brought us the latest figures for Android distribution and with the release of Kit Kat on the Nexus 5 and to other Nexus devices we can begin to get a feel for how many devices are running the latest version of Android.

Kit Kat, in its first appearance on the list has claimed 1.1% of the Android market which includes over 1 Billion devices.

The inexorable decline of Gingerbread continues with the once most distributed version of Android sliding down to now only being installed on a quarter of all Android devices used sitting currently at 24.1%.

Jelly Bean has only seen a minor increase in distribution, with at least 1.1% of their share – Nexus and Google Play editions – now upgraded to Kit Kat, with Android 4.1 – 4.3 distribution sitting at a combined total of 54.5%.

As for the rest, Ice Cream sandwich has declined down to 18.6% market share from 19.8% last month, while Honeycomb remains at a statisticaly stagnant 0.1% of the market. FroYo hangs on with 1.6% of the market, which is still greater than the total of devices running Kit Kat.

An interesting bunch of statistics for device developers, which boils down to ensuring they’re developing for Android 4.0 and above because at nearly 75% of the market running Android 4.0 and above, it’s getting to the point where Android 2.x will be very obsolete soon.

Source: Android Developer Console.
Via: Droid-Life.
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    My sis-inlaw has a Motorola Xoom lying about her living room. Still gets good use baby sitting their 6 year old with Minecraft, Angry Birds and pirated cartoons.

    She never updated it to ICS. One of the few remaining Honeycomb machines about.