This morning we saw HTC begin inviting press to the launch of their new phone, known currently as the M8. But EVLeaks isn’t done leaking information about the new flagship this morning releasing our best, clearest look yet at the upcoming phone, but encased in a bumper cover. They’ve also advised that the phone won’t be called the One+ or another iteration but will take a line out of Apple’s naming convention and refer to it as ‘The All New One’.

The M8 was shown off a few hours ago encased in the bumper case, which gives us our best view of the front of the M8. As in previous leaks, this also shows the somewhat controversial black bar beneath the screen which seems to do nothing but be a place for the HTC logo.
The case surrounding the device is indicative that the phone could either come with a bumper or have them available at launch, because we all love accessories available at launch don’t we.

In terms of naming, the decision by HTC to name their phone the ‘One’ last year did raise questions at the time as to where HTC could go with the naming convention for future devices. That question seems to have been answered again by EVLeaks with the decision to simply retain the HTC One name but refer to it as ‘The All New One’.

In that same tweet, EVLeaks also indicates that the phone will be available gray, silver, and gold at launch. These three launch colour options are not to say that we will see different colour options released throughout the year as we’ve seen with the HTC One.

It’s around a month and a week till we find out about the HTC M8 and exactly what the 2nd camera on the rear of the phone will achieve in the end.

Source: EVLeaks.
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Sujay Vilash

I really hope the name was somebody’s idea of an early April fool’s joke. Just the name would put me off buying one. And I have been a staunch supporter of HTC (have had no other brand but HTC).


And what happens when they have to do a third iteration of the One series?


isn’t that what this is..

one x
the all new one..