Android Kit Kat
The announcement of KitKat as the name of the next version of Android, brought about a unique marketing opportunity for both Google and Nestlé with the companies embarking on a pretty successful campaign to cross promote the update and at the same time give away some of their new Nexus 7 tablets as well as some Google Play vouchers. But it all wound up on December 9th last year, but not all the tablets were claimed, and with some Android themed KitKat bars still showing up in stores, it was over to the second chance draw.

The terms and conditions of the competition advised that the second chance draw would take place on the 11th of March, with all winners to be notified within 48 hours and announced on the KitKat website by the 18th of March. Well, the website is now complete with all 1,000 Nexus 7 tablet winners announced on the KitKat website.

It’s unclear whether there were any unclaimed $5 Google Play Gift Vouchers left over from the pool of 25,000 vouchers available at the beginning of the promotion, but certainly all the tablet winners are accounted for.

Did you get a second chance draw Nexus 7? How many tablets were won in your house?

Source: Nestle.
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was a crap comp to this day i haven’t seen any Kitkats branded with the Android comp


Did you go to a Woolworths store? They weren’t available anywhere else.


I was very happy with this competition. I honestly think this was the first time in my life that I really WANTED to win the prize, and as a result I ate more Kit Kats than I have over the past 5 years.

That said, my winnings were more than my spending. Even without the N7 that I won, I got $25 store credit and that covered the cost of the chocolate.


$25 credit from 25 Kit Kats, you got to break even.
For me from 50 Kit Kats, $0 credit won, no N7 won. Not even anything from the second chance draw.
And learning that it was an eminently gameable conpetition, not happy at all.


$25 credit from 25 Kit Kats, you got to break even.
For me from 50 Kit Kats, $0 credit won, no N7 won. Not even anything from the second chance draw.
And learning that it was an eminently gameable conpetition, not happy at all.

Martin Dolan

Yeah, they should have made it one per person in second chance draw.
Still the people who won 6 tablets also get a bonus prize of type 2 diabetes…


Holy cow. There are people there that won a load of tablets. I think the selection process could’ve been a little bit better. /sore-loser


And, like you, I’m another who is quite jealous of those who scored multiple Nexus tablets.

50 Kit Kats bought, 0 wins at all, including the second chance draw.


I don’t think I was gaming any system, just lucky for once. I think I averaged a prize from approx every 2 to 3 bars. Most of which I got at $1.


Actually I’m kind of fine with it. The competition ended up being about skill … in understanding the way the competition was run and how to maximise chances. Coupled with the high probability of winning, that meant those with the knowledge won out over those operating purely randomly – a nice change.


The problem with that, Fred, is only those who knew how to game the system had any real chance to win.
Needing to game the system to do that; and seeing the high success rate in doing that; renders it a game of skill, rather than chance or luck. and the conpetition was promoted as chance or luck.


The system, or tips on how to best enter your codes was more than adequately discussed on WP Jeni. And as s WP regular, you were privy to the information.


Huh, I thought it was a code in a wrapper. There are serious problems with a competition when one person wins multiple. I would suspect funny business in this case as the chances of winning 2 are slim, 6 or more well near impossible unless someone was cheating. I agree with Jeni, it was meant to be luck and luck does not work that way.


If it was solely on luck of the draw as to you getting a winning number, from your Kit Kat wrapper, then one person winning multiple items would be honest luck of the draw. The more you buy, the more legit chances to win you have.

But based on what Fred claims, it wasn’t pure chance. It seems more like a gameable system, and some folks definitely seem to have successfully gamed the system.


The point is, with close examination of the freely available rules you could push things up to a win every two or three attempts. Couple in some freely available comparative pointers from others online and you could push the probability of a tablet win higher as well.

That rewards skill and attention for entrants over pure dumb luck – which is a good thing AFAIK.