Last year, Google ran an advertising campaign for Google Music, which included NFC enabled posters provided by Sydney based NFC Marketing team Tapit, the team behind a host of successful NFC based marketing campaigns in Australia.

The Google Music campaign in Australia took the form of NFC enabled posters placed in selected buses in Sydney, as well as trains in Melbourne & Brisbane. The posters were for Google Music which is supported on non-NFC enabled smartphones(iPhones) and so a QR code was included as well. When tapped the posters would link interested people to the Google Music information page.

Photos thanks to Beau

The marketing campaign seemed to go quite well and Tapit and Google have been nominated for an award in the Marketing Campaign category at the 2014 Global Contactless Awards. The Marketing campaign category includes two UK based nominees, a US based nominee and Australian based Tapit. The award is for a campaign involving : ‘Smart posters, in-store endorsements, social networking, location marketing’ This includes the use of NFC marketing which appears to be a growing trend within marketing. The nominees in the category are :

  • MoLo (UK) – NFC/QR code treasure hunts
  • Wooshping/Nokia (UK) – Smart Appvent Calendar
  • Thinaire/Unilever (USA) – Unilever’s Good Humor “Share The Love” campaign
  • Tapit/Google (Australia) – Google Campaign

Voting in the awards, begins on the 7th of April and runs until the 17th of April with the award winners to be announced on the 29th April, during the Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference Awards Gala. We congratulate Tapit on their nomination and we’ll be rooting for them at the awards announcements.

Source: Global Contactless Awards.